Project Runway Canada – Hope Springs Eternal

“Things have just sort of shifted in the game — I’m starting to feel ganged up on,” Jeff says at the beginning of the episode as we see the fallout of Baylor’s surprising elimination from the last episode.

Genevieve flat out opines that Jeff should have gone home — I disagree. The two people at the bottom were Kim and Baylor. The person who should have gone home was Kim based on the bottom two that the judges chose.

Of course, Jeff pisses Kim off even further when he chose Kim’s model .

You know, I tend to say this over and over again, but I really hate it when the designers bitch and moan about other people “stealing” their models.

You know what? If you’re a good designer, you’ll be able to make any model look good. End of story.

Quit your whining and do as the incomparable Tim Gunn says, “Make it work!”

The next challenge takes place at Winners, the department store where the winner will get a retail mentorship.

Shannon Johnson, manager of public relations at Winners, is there with mentor Brian Bailey and informs the designers that their challenge is to design a spring dress that goes from day wear to evening and that will be manufactured and sold across select stores in Canada.

Brian lets the designers know that this is a big thing for Winners because it’s the first time they’re actually taking something from conception and design to production.

Back at the work studio, Jessica and Adejoke privately tell each other that Kim and Genevieve’s behaviour is childish when they continually harp over Jeff’s skills. They roll their eyes at each other whenever Jeff says something and that just makes me want to roll my eyes.

I think the “childish” charge is spot-on — and I think that’s the main reason I hate both Genevieve and Kim, despite the fact that they might both be onto something about Jeff.

They’re both just tacky and gross.

The way they were mocking Jeff was just…annoying, even though I thought it was a really bad move when he started to draw on the hand stitching for his garment because he didn’t have the time to do it on the machines.

As soon as he said, “Desperate times call for desperate measures” it just sounded like a death knell.

You see him in various scenes actually using glue on his garment– and you just know this is going to land him in the bottom.

When Iman questions him on the runway about the handstitching, Jeff outright lies about it instead of confessing up to the fact that he actually drew on those “stitches.”

Nicole Gouveia, merchandise manager for Winners, is the guest judge this week.

I didn’t think that Genevieve’s dress looked like something you’d wear during the day — it looked more like evening wear.

The same complaint goes for Jason’s dress which was made out of satin and resorted to the little tricks of letting the hem down in the back to make it into a differen tlook altogether.

Out of all the garments that went down the runway, I think Jessica definitely deserved to win — like Sonny, they both chose “spring” colours and successfully filled the brief of creating a dress that transitions well from day to night.

You can totally tell that Sunny is Iman’s favourite — whenever any of the other judges (ahem, Shawn, I’m looking at you) dares to even hint at criticism, Iman is quick to say that she loves the outfit.

But you know what? I’m glad that they awarded the win to someone else — and someone who deserved it.

I would totally wear Jessica’s outfit.

I think I might actually buy it when I see it at Winner’s.

You know what else I loved?

The way Iman shot Genevieve down when she stubbornly insisted that she would wear her outfit during the day to the office.

“You might wear it, but it doesn’t fill this challenge’s brief,” Iman basically tells her.

She’s so cold and scary when she says it — I love it.

You don’t mess with Iman.

Rita also had a great point when she said that 98 per cent of women walking into Winners would not wear that dress — which was clearly a cocktail dress.

Jason was another person who blew the chance to do something that was clearly day wear.

He was another designer who wanted to go the lame route of “defending” it by saying he liked the design elements that the judges didn’t.

Iman had every reason to lose patience when she said she understood that he liked it — why else would he have designed it? The point is that the judges didn’t like it.

In the end, Jeff gets sent home — for creating a dowdy outfit that didn’t fill the evening wear portion of the brief.

He does have the decency to clear the air, though and admit that the “hand stitching” that the judges noticed was actually hand drawn.

~ by justj on March 7, 2009.

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