Project Runway Canada: Stick To It

 Whenever Project Runway does a crazy challenge where the designers have to work with some material that you wouldn’t usually think of using, you always get a sense that the episode is going to be really, really good — simply because, those with true talent get to shine and those who don’t provide us with a good laugh.

When Iman sends the designers to the workroom, they find mentor Brian Bailey with a little corner just plastered with post-it notes.

“Don’t think of it as just paper,” Brian warns them as he lists all the things you can do with post-its.

The challenge is to create an artistic, dramatic gown made from post-its for breast cancer survivors — which makes Sunny a little emotional since his father passed away four years ago from cancer.

“It’s important for me to maintain focus,” he says, as he plucks a post-it on a dummy that says “determination.”

Each of the cancer survivors has written a word down and stuck it on the dummy — and the one that is chosen by the designer is what will determine who is paired up with whom.

The “twist” is that the designs will be auctioned off in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

In an emotional segment where the designers get to chat with their new models, you learn the stories of these survivors and the overwhelming theme is of perseverence in the face of really difficult news.

As one survivor noted: you can either sit around, crying for yourself and asking “Why me?” or sit up and ask yourself, “Why not me?” and just get on with the business of fighting to live.

With $75 to buy foundation fabric, the designers are also told that the entire dress must be covered with post-its.

Right off the bat, you start getting a sense of who’s making something really nasty and who’s potentially got something really good.

Sunny mentions that his model wanted to feel like a million bucks — to which he said, “A million dollars isn’t worth a lot these days, so let’s make you feel like ten million.”

It’s clear that the challenge is making him think about his father.

When they start showing pictures of Sunny from his childhood, I just have this moment where I think, “I can’t believe I actually used to go to school with this guy. He lived a few streets away from me.”

As Brian makes the rounds, he calls Jason on the fact that he’s a “gimmicky” designer when he explains his design to Brian.

Kim doesn’t fare better with her bizzaro idea to make wings, claiming that most girls would love to wear wings.

Brian flatly tells her that we’re not after a Cirque du Soleil costume.

The look on his face is priceless as Kim continues to enthusiastically talk about her stupid design, sounding like some moron who just doesn’t get it.

Brian tells her that this isn’t about designing for a children’s costume — this is for a cancer survivor.

“Exactly!” Kim-the-Oblivious says.

“I think it’s disrespectful,” Brian tells her.

She begs to differ.

Oh my God — she’s such a clueless airhead, declaring them “glorious.” Unfortunately, Queen Airhead decides to ditch the wings after Sunny admits that he wants her to be sent home and that’s the only reason he’d advise her to keep the wings.

Jessica impresses me by ditching an idea that wasn’t working and starting over. The other thing that really impresses me is that, in spite of having immunity, she still wants to win — something that Adejoke clearly didn’t do when she won the very first challenge.

Judging from what she’s started to do with the second design is amazing.

I’m completely incredulous when that bug-eyed disdainful witch, Genevieve, says that Jessica’s dress looks “hideous” and that the whole thing looked like an “afterthought straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

When the goggly-eyed beeyotch contemptuously says in her flat, monotone voice that she thinks Jessica isn’t a fashion designer but a fashion regurgitator, I just wanted to pummel my fist into Genevieve’s face.

What’s more is that Genevieve thinks that Adejoke’s dress looks amazing — and yet, Adejoke’s dress winds up in the bottom.

I really, really hate Genevieve. There’s just something about the way she talks — like, she has this inflated opinion of herself that makes you think, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

She actually says that she thinks everything she does is beautiful and that it’s her “time” to win a challenge.

Um, yeah.

The sad thing is, I actually see her making it to the final three — not because she’s a super talented designer, but because Kim is a total joke and Adejoke has just flown under the radar and sneaked past by virtue of the fact that others are far worse.

Winning designer, Jessica, saw her dress sold on Auction Wire for a cool $10,000.  (And so, to Kim and Genevieve, all I have to say is: Suck it, bitches.)

Shawn even goes as far as to declare that it’s clear there’s a new frontrunner in this contest.

“She is right behind Sunny. She’s right on his tail,” Iman said.

Kim, the jealous shit-disturber, actually has the nerve to tell Jessica that she finds it unbelievable that the judges thought Jessica’s dress took so much work.

“Yeah, but you just put up post-its on the body. I don’t know. I was just pissed off about that,” she says in her usual, passive-aggressive shit disturbing way.

My jaw literally dropped open when the Perpetual Whiner continues by saying how “annoying” it was that Jessica stopped-and-started while the others “tirelessly” worked at the same design.

I just wanted to fucking smack her.

That’s not the point. You don’t stick with something hideous just because you started it. Jessica saw it wasn’t working and she should be commended for the fact that she actually created two dresses.

Adejoke was right when she said Kim had the “hate-rade” on her — I sort of wish that Jessica had called Kim out on the fact that Kim seems to get a hate-on for anybody who gets praised.

“This is what we talk about when we talk about innovation,” Iman declares.

Shawn’s only criticism is that they’ve seen the same top from Sunny before.

Fair enough.

As of today, Sunny’s dress had 25 bids.

Fashion designer, Marie St Pierre is the guest judge this week.

She calls Genevieve on a jarring aspect of the gown which didn’t make it “flow” and which creates a very separate top and bottom. It made it look “less beautiful” (because, again, Miss Boastful has to go on and on about how she thinks she makes beautiful clothes).

Genevieve’s dress has only one bid.

Kim’s design gets points for the colour, but Marie doesn’t like the ribbon at the waist. Iman concurs and declares it “wrong” despite Shawn saying he didn’t mind it.

I love how Iman cuts him off sometimes and tells him he’s wrong. Like, last season? When she said, “May God strike you dead!” when he said something she didn’t agree with.

It’s so deliciously over-the-top.

“You have to learn not to defend things that are undefendable,” Marie says.

Kim’s dress currently has no bids.

“Simplify. Delete,” Marie advises Adejoke.

Adejoke, one of the bottom two, has zero bids on her dress.

Jason’s monstrosity is labelled as something that would appear on a float, Rita charges.

“It looked like a reject from a carnival,” Iman says.

Unsurprisingly, Jason’s dress has zero bids.

“It looked like a panic attack,” Rita said.

“That’s a train wreck!” Iman declares.

As a very sad end note to this recap: Jason’s model passed away after the filming of this episode. That show was dedicated to her memory.


~ by justj on March 12, 2009.

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