Project Runway Canada – Return of the Supermodel

The hate is still on in this episode of Project Runway Canada — and seriously, I think that disgustingly evil and gross people like Genevieve and Kim are what make reality shows like this to be so fun.

I mean, did you see how much I had to write about last week?

Those two hags just totally bring out the need to rant and rave about their complete grossness.

The sanctimonious, bug-eyed wonder, Genevieve, surprises no one with her opinion that she hated Jessica’s winning design from last week.

While Jessica tries to play nice and make conversation in the house, Genevieve shows Canada more of her hateful personality by giving Jessica one of her scary, muppet-eyed blank stares before abruptly and rudely turning away.

Jessica is right: both Kim and Genevieve came into the competition thinking they were God’s gift to fashion — yet, neither of them have won a single challenge.

Funny how that is, isn’t it?

“I think it’s just a little bit of bitterness, to be honest with you,” she says.

Iman announces that this challenge will have the opportunity to show at New York fashion week and work with one of the most influential people in the fashion world today.

When they head into the workroom to meet Brian, he announces that their challenge is to dress Coco Rocha, who shows up to help guide the designers.

Her personal style is feminine but not too revealing — she likes old glamour and has been influenced by the Tudors lately.

Adejoke says the challenge isn’t making her think creatively — she seems disappointed that the influential person they were introduced to wasn’t a designer.

What seems to be eating away at her, though, is the fact that she was on the bottom two last week — which is understandable, but I don’t really get why she was sort of dragging herself along, looking all listless and worn out. I mean, Brian’s right: this is an exciting challenge and an amazing opportunity, yet, she seems really “soured” (her word) by the experience.

Sunny feels the pressure on and is taking into account what the judges have called him out on: that he’s been doing the bustier/corsette over and over again.

You see him actually sitting down and really thinking through what he’s going to design.

I totally love him — he doesn’t get drawn into the drama as much and when Kim begins her bit of hateful ranting about how she doesn’t think that Jessica’s a frontrunner, I like how he just sits there, says nothing and merely smiles.

“It’s very high school,” he says. “And the Mean Girls are ganging up.”

It’s no surprise that Weird Eyes Genevieve agrees with Kim-The-Hater about Jessica.

“I haven’t liked anything she’s ever done in this competition,” she says.

Um, it doesn’t really matter what you think. Are you anybody in the fashion industry? Have you made a name for yourself anywhere beyond your family and friends? No? Okay, then — maybe you should just shut your face.

Like, seriously — Weird Eyes is basically saying that she thinks Iman is nuts because she likes Jessica’s designs — after all, Jessica has won two challenges in a row compared to Genevieve who has won zero challenges to date.

Jessica, to her credit, isn’t rising to the bait. She realizes that people were sort of counting her out and not really considering her as a potential winner.

She happens to notice that Kim has a similar idea going on — and despite the fact that Jessica isn’t copying her, she doesn’t want any drama from Drama Queen Kim, so she opts to tweak her design to avoid any accusations later down the road.

When Brian enters the workroom to check in on the designers, he warns her to try doing a different silhouette, but of course she doesn’t listen to him. I mean, why would she? He’s just a designer who’s actually made it in the fashion business — what does he know, right?

Kim doesn’t get why Jessica is Brian’s “favourite pet” and opines that she’s been swimming by on the “skin of her teeth.”

Jealous, jealous, jealous.

“I thought the skirt liked someone had vomitted up some taffeta,” she says of Jessica’s outfit.

She later says that she wants Adejoke and Jessica to go home — and agrees with Genevieve that the final three should be her, Genevieve and Sunny.

(At least they realize that Sunny is rightfully the frontrunner.)

Again, I have to say that Brian is one of my favourite mentors on Project Runway — I think I might actually love him more than Tim Gunn because I feel like you have a mentor here who has actually worked in the business and who can provide constructive criticism.

For instance, when he’s showing Kim how the fit doesn’t look great and he shows her how the proportions should be, he’s actually demonstrating for her.

He just seems very supportive and has a very good manner about him when he talks to the designers — he seems more approachable, in a way.

When Brian points out to Genevieve that the top doesn’t look like it’s “wrapped around” or “tucked” the way Genevieve claims it is, she ignores him (of course). Why listen to Brian even though Iman has told her in previous challenges that if she sees the same silhouette from her again, she’ll take her to task.

It gave me a preverse sense of pleasure when things started to unravel for Genevieve and the zipper edge came off.

Who doesn’t want to listen to Brian now?

She starts to panic, but Brian is patient and calmly tells her what to do to save the outfit.

No sense panicking — just fix it.

The winner — no surprise — is Sunny. (But I loved how Genevieve and Kim looked at each other right before Iman announced the winner — as if they expected one of their own names would be called…which is so ridiculous!)

“I love that dress! It’s so cheeky!” Shawn declares.

“It’s a gorgeous dress — very witty,” Rita says.

“I like the fact that you didn’t play it too safe,” Coco says. She admits that the length is a little too short — a little too risky.

Iman disagrees. She says she would wear it.

Coco tells Adejoke that she, more than any of the other designers, got what she was talking about when she said she was inspired by the Tudor style.

Predictably, Iman tells Genevieve that she has repeated her old design while she tells Kim that her messy execution has robbed her from a place in the spotlight.

Genevieve is finally turfed out even though she still defends her awful designs.

“My work is amazing,” she declares.


~ by justj on March 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Project Runway Canada – Return of the Supermodel”

  1. Totally agree with you! I am so sick of Kim and it has soured the whole season for me. I can’t stand her and really think her work is fugly. Not wearable and just uninspired. Needless to say, Genevieve is the same.

  2. I am late to this…
    so agree with you.
    So much respect for Brian.
    And feel so bad about the “mean girls.”
    He got that right!

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