Project Runway Canada Season 2 – Gimme Shelter

Episode 9: Gimme Shelter

I hate it when they bring back contestants who’ve already been booted off — especially if they sucked to begin with.

Jessica finds a note that says to grab a backpack and some warm clothes because they’re going camping.

“Who takes fashion kids camping?!” Jessica cries. “I hate camping!”

While heading off to the campsite, Kim seems almost chipper.

“We’re having fun with Kim now because she’s forced to hang out with us and all her buddies are gone,” Adejoke says…and you can’t help but feel this ominous shiver down your spine, ’cause it’s like, there’s foreshadowing going on or something.

When they meet Brian, who says that it’s going to be a team challenge, guess who should spring forth from behind the tents but the vile Genevieve and the mediocre Jason?

“Yay. You’re back. Great,” Jessica says unenthusiastically.

Kim and Jason must win the next challenge in order to stay in the competition. In teams, they must create one avant-garde look and one ready-to-wear outfit using camping materials.

Sunny and Jessica who have predominantly won all of the challenges — I mean, seriously, Adejoke won one and Jason won one…but the rest of them haven’t won a single challenge — are paried up while Adejoke and Kim are the final team.

“It’s definitely weird at the camp site — there’s definitely a separation,” Jessica observes.

There’s definite friction — especially since they’re noting what everybody must be thinking: Why the fuck are these losers being brought back?

what’s hilarious is that Kim, who considers Genevieve a “buddy”, tells Jason that he has to watch his back because Genevieve is the sort of person who thinks her shit doesn’t stink — when sometimes, it actually does.

Oh, who are we kidding? Genevieve stinks all the time.

Yet, bug-eyed sourpuss opines, “We deserve to be here — probably more than others.”

“The mood is so intensely awkward, I can’t even stand it,” Jessica says.

“Everyone hates us,” Sunny says after Jessica notes Jason and Kim talking about her behind her back.

Kim — ever the delusional one — actually has the gall to say that she’s tired of Sunny winning all the challenges and Jessica “sliding by.”

As if these two talented designers are getting by through sheer luck, and the universe is just conspiring to keep Kim down.

“It’s shitty. Kim got a second chance. Jason adn Genevieve obviously got another second chance. I’ve been working really hard to get to this point. Let’s say I get voted off — I don’t get a second chance. It sucks,” Sunny says, littering the episode with bleeped out expletives.

I actually think he’s got every right to be pissed off. I’m not even in this competition and I’m pissed off.

In a weird twist, they all get to call home and talk to a loved one — except Kim doesn’t manage to connect with anyone.

“I don’t want to go home without winning and if I do, then it’s really lame,” Kim says.

After her sob story of how she’s unemployed and homeless — but none of that makes me feel bad for her. She’s such a witch sometimes — granted, her level of evilness isn’t on the same level as Genevieve — that I wish she’d just get booted off already.

Of course, she thinks that the only possible reason she’d get booted off is because Adejoke is the one who causes them to lose — this despite the fact that Adejoke has stronger construction skills than Kim.

Genevieve’s return just friggin’ pisses me off because I hate her weird bug eyes and the way she stares at people with that condescending, challenging look. She thinks she’s so great when the reality is, she’s totally overrated…in her own mind.

The guest judge is fashion designer, Rachel Roy.

I didn’t like Genevieve and Jason’s designs — I thought they were okay, but nothing that deserved winning.

Rita surprised me by saying that the outfits were graceful and beautifully done — a sentiment echoed by Rachel Roy.

I almost feel like the judges only chose Genevieve and Jason because they wanted to put that bitch Genevieve through so that she’d be in the final three — just to make the last few episodes more interesting…just so you could be sitting on the edge of your seat, thinking, “Please, dear God, don’t let Genevieve win this.”

Of Sunny and Jessica’s outfits, it seemed like the judges really loved their outfits. There was nothing but compliments.

“Love it! Love it, love it, love it!” Rita said enthusiastically.

I thought it was such a huge cop out that the judges said that both Sunny and Jessica’s team and Jason and Genevieve’s team were the winners.

What the fuck?

“Just couldn’t let us have it, could you?” Jason asked Sunny, who just laughed.

“It’s a little bittersweet,” Jessica said, through tears. “They told Adejoke it was her best work yet but she got kicked out on it. It’s all Kim’s fault.”

Too right.

While the designers were waiting for the judgement to be handed down, Kim went into passive aggressive mode and made catty comments to Jessica about how she had to laugh over how the judges failed to see how restrictive the outfit actually was.


Adejoke and Kim were sent home because of Kim — the judges all agreed that Adejoke’s outfit was much stronger than Kim’s…and sort of brought into focus the fact that Kim’s outfit just didn’t work.

So, suck on that, Kim.


~ by justj on March 28, 2009.

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