Project Runway Canada – Boardroom to Bedroom

“The other three designers are going to have to fight for the other two positions, because I’m going to be in the final three,” Sunny says.

You know what? I think they should just hand him the Project Runway crown already — I mean, seriously, can anybody really picture anybody else winning this entire competition than Sunny?

In this latest challenge, the designers have to focus on tailored suiting — which Iman concedes is a tough assignment — with a budget of $225.

“Businesswear isn’t really my forte,” Genevieve says — which just makes me shake my head because every time any designer on any rendition of Project Runway is asked to do something out of their element, you hear this.

It’s like none of them have ever watched Project Runway, you know? Why doesn’t anybody ever listen to Tim Gun’s motto? “Make it work!”

In one hilarious scene, Sunny is trying on his outfit and asks Jessica, “Do you like my camel toe?”

“You do realize that you have boy parts and your model doesn’t?” she replies.

“I know that! I’m just getting the gist of it!”

I definitely love both Sunny and Jessica — for the most part, they’ve stayed apart from the “haterade.”

“What’s up with the hatin’?” Jessica asked, as Jason ignores them and walks out.

“There’s a lot of animosity,” Jason concedes because Sunny’s definitely the guy to beat.

He claims that he doesn’t want to be in Sunny’s position, because, as the “favourite”, you have a target on your back — and Jason claims he’d rather be the underdog.

(Which he is.)

I love it when Jessica calls him out on the fact that he’s just being a “hater” — though, in a joking manner.

I’ve never really liked any of Jason’s outfits — beyond the cute little black dress he designed for Elisha Cuthbert. Otherwise, I think the judges were dead-on when they accused him of being too gimmicky.

Jason’s suit looks seriously ugly — or “trashy” as Sunny calls it.

When Brian tells him that he’s a little concerned with this business suit that’s missing shoulders, Jason just looks at him blankly.

Initially he tells everybody that he’s already done — but the “super cool” look that he was going with, thinking outside the box, was probably a little too risky.

Sunny and Jessica laugh when they admit that they wished Jason would have stuck with his original design — because, wisely, he decides to go with Brian’s words of advice to think things over.

When Brian comes around to inspect what’s happening in the workroom, he looks at Genevieve’s design and asks if this business suit is something that would be versatile — which is important because, when you’re in the office, you’re not going to be wearing the same suit every day, but you’d want to be able to reuse certain elements — like a skirt or a blazer that would match with something else.

In an awesome twist, Brian announces that the second part of the challenge is to also create lingere — which the models are supposed to find the fabric for.

If it was me, I would have written down the type of fabric the model should shop for — and also given the model a fabric swatch to go with…and then told her to go directly to a salesperson and ask them to help pick out the fabric.

It was pretty clear that some of the models weren’t even sure what fabric to use, barely able to pronounce the words.

The comical look on Brian’s face as one of the models reports back on what Genevieve’s instructions were is just…priceless.

“I’ve never made a bra, but Tori has amazing ta-tas,” Sunny says.

It was hilarious.

It was funny when Jason said he might have an advantage because, as a straight male, he loves to look at lingerie.


Jessica notes that Genevieve is used to doing “drapey” things, and when she tries to do something tailored, it still comes off looking “drapey.”

David Dixon is the guest judge this week.

I really love Sunny’s outfit — but what else is new? I’d definitely wear it — even the lingerie.


I mean, we’ve seen other designers in the past in diferent versions of Project Runway make swimwear or lingerie and it just looks awful.

The judges thought it was impeccable tailoring.

At the slightest hint of criticsm from the other judges, Iman is quick to jump in and gush over how much she loved everything.

(Note the slightly startled and then quickly skeptical look on Shawn’s face. It’s sort of like he doesn’t always agree with Iman, but he’s smart enough to tone down the verbal battling.)

Genevieve’s design was very boxy and didn’t look tailored at all. Plus, her lingerie didn’t look like lingerie — it looked like a black dress with a frayed boottom.


David Dixon flat out says that it’s overdesigned and look smore like a throwback to the 80s rather than an “art deco” look.

“It just looked frumpy,” he tells the other judges privately.

When Shawn enthuses over it, I start to think, “Uh, I don’t have the same tastes as this guy.”

Jessica’s suit was a little too gaping and wide in the front — if I wore it, I’d probably wear it with a cami…but again, I still think the jacket didn’t look that great.


David Dixon even says that the neckline is a little too revealing — so thank you for saying it!

Her lingerie didn’t look sexy or cute, either. It was like a tank top with this useless lace trim.


“The lingerie looked really boring,” Shawn told her.

Jason’s lingerie looked okay — and surprisingly, his outfit looked alright, too.


Rita says that he can do the tailoring quite well — but also the eveningwear.

David Dixon, however, says he expected the lingerie to be more whimsical in accordance with the suit, but was slightly disappointed by what he saw.

It’s no surprise when Sunny wins the challenge. The slight wince that appears on Jason’s face is priceless — there’s a sense of disappointment of coming up short again.

But, hey, at least he’s in the final three, you know?

When it comes down to Genevieve and Jessica, I just knew Jessica would be put through to the final three — I mean, c’mon…she’s won more challenges whereas Genevieve hasn’t…not fully, anyways.

It was so great to see Jessica tear up when she heard the news that she was going to Fashion Week…she deserved it.

“Welcome to Thunderdome,” Jessica says.

I was a little surprised at the tears from Genevieve — though, I suppose that being so close to the final and then not making it through is a kick in the ass.

I almost felt sorry for her.


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