Project Runway Canada – Finale (1)

“Holy crap! Top three!” Jessica squeals.

The final challenge — as always — is to create 12 looks in six months with a budget of $8,000 to show at Toronto Fashion Week.

Four months after the designers leave Ottawa, Brian heads down to Toronto to check in with them.

“I think you’ve got some great design ideas, but I’m not seeing enough new things,” Brian tells Jason. “I’m not seeing runway.”

The outfits Jason trots out all look pretty much the same — maybe because they’re all black cocktail numbers.

One of them has a really weird strap and I can’t help but think that it’s Jason up to his usual tricks again.

I think I was more focused on the fact that his studio is friggin’ huge and pretty amazing.

His face falls when Brian is less than enthusiastic about what he’s shown him.

“I think you think I pick on you — but maybe there’s a reason for it,” Brian tells him, explaining that he sees a lot of potential in Jason and wants him to do his best.

Jason later takes Brian to a family get-together and the home is just packed with people — it sort of reminded me of one of my own family get-togethers.

It’s obvious that he’s got a lot of love and support from his family and friends and it was sort of nice the way the editors gave us a glimpse into Jason Myers’ life.

Next up was Jessica in Fergus, Ontario — which is just outside of Toronto.

Brian is treated to a home-cooked meal which actually looks really tasty.

Maybe it’s the inner foodie in me (I’m also a major Top Chef fan…I mean, if I’m honest, I think I might like that show even more than Project Runway…I know. Gasp! Horror!), but I’m more interested in the food.

What is that? A lasagna?

Okay, okay…enough of that.

We take a look at Jessica’s work — and I can’t help but think that the stuff she’s made is sort of like the stuff you’d see being sold at Costa Blanca.

Jessica describes it as hip hop meets urban meets glamour meets 1930s.

Brian flat out tells her that there are too many ideas going on and that all of the outfits except one seems a little weak.

They’re harsh words, but it’s the bluntness you need when you’ve got the time to turn things around and make things better.

He even brings out one outfit and says it’s in every store.

“It’s hard to hear someone say that you need to rethink your designs,” Jessica says between tears.

She decides to “man up” after having a bit of a cry — and you can’t help but admire that spirit, you know? Here’s a true student of “make it work!”

Back in Toronto, Brian visits with Sunny, who’s really excited about his designs — it turns out he hasn’t designed very many things. He has little pictures taped to the hangers.

“I couldn’t really start on it because I was doubting everything I was doing,” he says.

The inspiration for him is Alexander the Great meets India…which sounds interesting.

When he takes out one particular garment and you take a look at the awesome bead work that his mom has done for him, you can’t help but think, “I want that.”

Sunny gets a little teary eyed when he says that fashion wasn’t always an accepted vocation and that while his mother has never said that she was proud of him, he hopes that this time around, she might.

“I’m a little freaked out. I have nothing but my mini sketches,” he admits.

Sunny takes Brian out to meet his friends — whom he says are more of his family than his actual family.

He introduces Brian to his husband, Kenny, who’s been with Sunny for nine years.

Sunny tells the camera that he launched his line, Vawk, a few years ago but it left him $40,000 in debt and he had to shut it down.

Project Runway Canada is his second chance — and if he doesn’t win, then it might be the end of the line for him in terms of fashion design…which would be a shame.

(But, like, he’s totally going to win.)

Actually, scratch that…when I see some of the stuff he brings to Fashion Week, I start to rethink it…I even think Jason has a point when he says that he’s not a big fan of the big, pouffy fur…I’m not either.

Brian tells him that he has some very stiff competiton.

I’m not crazy about Jason’s outfits, but there’s one piece that I really like — a ruffled black top with a gold skirt. Love it.

Model casting is up next and I’m glad that it’s more multicultural than what we saw with the models in the competition…I mean, c’mon. Toronto’s a multicultural city…let’s represent.

The last minute challenge is for the designers to design an outfit for Entertainment Tonight Canada — she will be wearing an evening gown for all three designers.

The dress will be worn at the Toronto International Film Festival — which is huge.

The designers have two days to design this extra outfit and the eliminated designers were brought in and randomly assigned to help the final three execute the final look.

Jason is paired with Brandon — which seems like a good fit at first because they have the same esthetic with evening wear.

Sunny is with Jeff while Jessica, unfortunately, is paired up with her nemesis, Kim.


I mean, it was bad enough that Kim insulted Jessica to her face twice, but now that Jessica has had a chance to watch the previous episodes and knows that Kim has said even worse things behind her back.

It’s understandable when Jessica breaks down — I mean, how awful is it to have to work with someone who hates you while you’re doing the most important job of your life.

Everybody in the work room is really tense and watching to see what happens.

“Kim’s tried to be nicer,” Brandon says. “So, let’s see how that works out.”

Kim does seem like she’s mellowed out. I mean, how embarrassing is it to see yourself on national TV behaving like a total bitch?

She actually apologizes to Jessica and says she wasn’t proud of it and that she turned into a total asshole.

Jessica says that at first, she thought that if Kim apologized, she wouldn’t care — but that it actually does make a difference.

Brandon isn’t too thrilled with Jason’s collection — and is even less pleased when Jason decides that Brandon should help him on an outfit that looks exactly like the dress that Brandon designed for his Fall 09 collection.

Brandon “jokes” about it with Brian and tells him that Jason is basically having Brandon do his own dress.

“Don’t be crappin’ me here. This is serious,” Brian tells him.

I would have totally kicked Jason out of the competition for that alone.

You can’t be copying someone else’s design.

Jeff, on the other hand, gets to redeem himself by doing a lot of intricate hand work.

Good for him…

Drama ensues when Brian enters the work room and calls Jason out on stealing Brandon’s design…which makes everybody totally uncomfortable — including Brandon, who shouldn’t be embarrassed.

What Jason is doing is wrong — that’s just a fact.

“Oh fuck me silence,” Brandon says to the camera.

To be continued…(cue ominous music).

~ by justj on April 12, 2009.

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