Project Runway Canada Season Two – Finale (2)


This is late.

But really, is it any surprise that Sunny won?

Let’s just put that right out there now because Sunny taking this whole thing was a given right from the start.

All of that being said, the finale was drama-licious.

We ended last week with Brian flatout calling Jason out on the fact that Brandon had expressed concerns that Jason was using one of Brandon’s designs.

To be perfectly fair, Brandon didn’t really express a concern — he sort of flippantly threw it out there and then got really uncomfortable when Brian had the balls to say something to Jason.

“Fuck me sideways,” Brandon mutters to the camera.

Yeah — it’s uncomfortable when there’s a confrontation, but sometimes, you’ve just gotta man up and call people out on their BS rather than let them walk all over you.

The angry silence coming off of Jason is palpable — even from where I’m sitting.

I mean, seriously, I just wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. I felt embarrassed for Brandon.

“It was really awkward,” Brandon said. “I hate, hate, hate confrontation.”

No shit.

“Brandon has told us a lot of stories that we don’t pay attention to,” Jason says, basically brushing the whole thing aside, and deciding to just focus on getting the work done.

An added curveball is a presentation that the designers have to do for Winners — after all, part of the prize is getting a retail mentorship with them.

Brian reminds them that there are three basic things they’ll have to keep in mind for the presentation:
Know your brand.
Know your pricepoint.
Know your client.

The Winners presentation is to also help them understand the business end of fashion.

Jessica sort of realizes that, because she’s new to all of this, there’s still a lot to learn.

Jason says his customer is between 20-60 — which is just totally ridiculous.

Sunny’s pricepoints are crazy — you’re looking at $2000 for this one outfit that he shows them.

He says there are enough basics out there and he doesn’t want to go there.

Yeah…that being said, this is a retail mentorship with Winners — the place where you go to get name brands for low discount prices. (Not that we’re talking Wal Mart prices or anything. It’s still pricey for the nicer stuff and cheaper for the crap…which there’s loads of at Winners.)

When Cheryl Hickey comes to try on the outfits from the designers, at first, I figured she was going to wax enthusiastic about all of the outfits — but when she tried on Jessica’s, she was very diplomatic about her concerns.

This causes a bit of a breakdown with Jessica, but to my surprise, Kim talks her through it, encouraging her to keep plugging on and to move forward.

When they say goodbye, it’s a genuine, heartfelt moment. (Or at least that’s how it seems from where I’m sitting.)

On the day of the runway show, the final three designers meet with Evan Biddell, the winner of last year’s show.

He’s going to be the guest judge and notes that he has also designed Iman’s gown for the show.

Sunny is up first and he tells the audience that the theme is “Fashion Is A Battlefield” and when you see the models come down the runway, you can’t help but feel a shiver of excitement because everything looks super sleek, polished and breathtakingly new and inspired.

I know, I know. You think I’m saying this because he’s the winner and the favourite, but, truly, when you comapre his line with what was shown by Jessica and Jason, there’s just no comparison.

“In a word, you’re a superstar,” Rita declares. “You have amazing taste…your clothes can be on any runway.”

Biddell continues the praise and says that he’s really glad that Sunny wasn’t on during his season.

“Just to know how to maneuver all those fabrics is unreal!”

Iman adds that she usually cringes when designers talk about their inspiration because you don’t see it translated — but you did here.

She tells Sunny that she saw several items she wanted for herself — and added they’d talk later.

I just found Jason’s line, in comparison, to be much more amateur-ish…it’s not to say it wasn’t nice, but Sunny’s outfits looked obviously high end.

Like, Jason had a pair of gold sequined pants — that looked tacky and cheap.

The outfit he designed for Cheryl Hickey made her look shapeless and blocky. That being said, the very next dress, a form fitting gold dress, looked fabulous.

“Looking a lot of sequins can look cheap,” Rita tells him — and then diplomatically says that the sophistication was lacking in some of the pieces where too many sequins were used.

Iman tells him bluntly that it was painful having to watch certain models struggle to walk in their clothes — and then we cut to a model waddling down the runway.

Biddell proves to be a thorn in Jason’s ass when he says that one of the opening numbers looked like something straight out of the Playboy Mansion.

“Did you really think that would win Project Runway?” he challenged Jason.

I didn’t really care for most of Jessica’s designs, either. It’s just personal taste here — not stuff I would choose to wear and ergo, I didn’t care for it.

However, I thought her concept did translate well — Greta Garbo meets hip-hop glamour of today.

(Personally, I don’t find hip hop glamourous in the least. I find it tacky…tres nouveau riche.)

Biddell loves her clothes and says, “I think we need to hang out.”

You know what? Yeah, a lot of the stuff that Jessica designed was along the same asthetic of Biddell’s.

It’s so painfully obvious that Sunny wins — so, it’s pointless to send the designers away so the judges can “talk.”

“Goddamnit Sunny, I wish you weren’t on my season, either,” Jessica and Jason “joke.” (You know they’re totally serious.)

Just give him the damn title already!

It was sort of anti-climatic…but oh-so-sweet when his mother came out, clearly excited and proud of him.

~ by justj on April 18, 2009.

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