Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode 1

Project Runway Australia Season 2

OMG — I’m so delinquent with this. Hailing from Toronto, that means we don’t even get to see Project Runway Australia on the telly, so it was a total fluke that I learned the second season had already started.

The first designer we’re introduced to is Amber, whose philosophy of, “If you want to wear a fur coat to breakfast, wear a fur coat to breakfast!” totally jives with me. I personally don’t understand people who shy away from wearing certain things just because they’re afraid of what other people think.

I think that if you love something, wear it — who cares what anybody else thinks!

The designers are invited up to a cocktail party to meet Kristy and Henry.

OMG — I really don’t like Kristy’s bangs. It makes her look like a drag queen with a really bad wig — and I know this’ll bring on the hate mail, since there are quite a few of you out there who think Kristy’s a better host than the oh-so-fierce Iman or the adorable Heidi.

The designers are told that the cocktail party isn’t what it seems — the competition starts off with the designers being told to design a glamourous evening dress worthy of the red carpet using the materials in the room.

It was chaos with designers trying to steal things from each other and grabbign things they weren’t even sure what they were going to do with.

The designers make the trek back the Whitehouse Institute where they’ve got one hour to start working on their dress.

Jason Chetcuti, the 29-year-old from Queensland, seems to be the furthest ahead of everyone, which makes some of the designers wary.

His bio on the site says he turned down an internship at Christian Dior haute couture because he was homesick — and I can’t help but wonder what sort of lunacy that is.

I mean, it’s like when people go on Survivor and start sniffling and whining about how much they miss their friends and family. I always want to scream, “It’s not like you’re being exiled for the rest of your life. You’re going to see them again!”

Talk about blowing a huge opportunity! If he hadn’t bailed on the internship, he might have gotten further ahead in the fashion industry and wouldn’t need to go on a show like Project Runway to get ahead.

But anyway…Henry announces that he’s got a surprise for the designers with 30 minutes to go til the end of the day.

The models are broguht in and the twist this time around is for the models to choose the designer based on what they’ve seen so far.

Anthony, the flamboyantly gay Asian guy, is understandably less than thrilled because, like most people, he doesn’t like the thought of losing control.

“The model makes the dress,” he says — which I disagree with. If you’re really talented, you can transcend a lot.

He actually has a really gorgeous blonde model come up to him, but he seems less than thrilled.

Poor Mark, a professor-like 43-year-old from Brisbane, is dismayed when all of the models seem to be flocking to other designers.

“I thought, ‘Okay next one, she’s mine’ and it just didn’t happen,” he says even though the model he winds up with is really pretty.

On day two of the challenge, we see Anthony preening in front of the mirror, fixing his hair and I can’t help but think back to season one’s Mark.

When Henry comes in for his critique, I’m reminded of why I love him as a mentor. He really listens and compliments, but he also provides constructive criticism — like when he tells William, the 40-year-old self-taught sewer and master pattern maker, that his construction of the bodice needs to be tightened and more solid because lining isn’t enough.

When it comes to Jason’s frock, Henry simply tells him how he wants to drape his skirt after listening to Jason tell him what he’s attempting to do. It brings to contrast what Ben De Lisi used to do on Project Catwalk — which was take over his favourite designer’s outfits by actually helping them out with the construction.

With Mark, the outfit looks like a hot mess with all of the colours — and I like how Henry really listens to the designers and what they’re doing before providing some advice.

I’m glad when most of the designers seem to take Henry’s advice under construction.

Most of the designers are skeptical of what’s happening with Jason’s outfit because it seems like he’s adding on too much — to the point that it’s going to be a huge disaster.

God — why doesn’t this guy understand that less is more? Yet, he’s actually convinced that his outfit is at a level that will ensure his safety. Crazy.

Amber, however, has a zipper malfunction on her outfit and while she’s attempting to sew her model into the dress, time ran out. The judges, of course, call her out on it and complain about the lumpiness of the dress.

It just looks really unfinished — and as the judges pointed out, it doesn’t look glamourous in the least.

Guest judge, designer Nicola Finett, says execution is very important, otherwise, it just looks like shit.

Some surprises: Claudia’s outfit was exotic and really suited the model.

I like William and Michael — the fit on the models were perfect. And fit is always oh-so-important…something a lot of people don’t get, what with all the muffin tops I see out and about or stick people swimming in baggy clothing.

I thought Lauren’s outfit was tacky and really old-school — like, not in a good way. Judge Jayson thought it looked cheap, which made Lauren flinch.

“It’s very Diana Ross and the Supremes,” Jayson continues.

I laughed when Kristy said the dress was sort of “drag queen”-like.

Anthony gets compliments all around for his “off-centre” look.

William also gets kudos, too, because it looks accomplished for the time that he had. Kristy declares that it looks red carpet though it was a little costumey with the feathers.

Jason’s dress, to judge Sarah, looks like a disaster with the mix of fabrics — and it looks quite 80s in her opinion.

Sarah points out that the lace is complicated enough, but to have stuff added to it is just over the top.

The winner for the first challenge is Mark — which is a total surprise to me, seeing as Anthony got a lot of compliments. I just thought Mark’s dress was too plain.

Out is Jason — no surprises there.

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