Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode Two

It’s official.

I hate Michael — except, for the longest time, I didn’t know what his name was and kept thinking of him as “That Annoying Long-Haired Guy.”

I don’t like long hair on men — it’s not masculine in the least. You know if a fight broke out, the first thing you’d be able to grab onto is a fist full of hair — and how I would love to give Annoying Michael’s head a violent yank.

He’s just so faux camp, you know? Like, it’s this big act of pretend to be all flamboyant and “glamorous” when, as Jayson put it, it’s like witnessing a revival of Godspell whenever you see Annoying Michael on the screen.

Gah! Everything about him from his dry, droll, disdainful voice to his too long hair. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

When they’re allowed to do the whole model switcheroo, Michael opts to choose the “hot” model, who worked with William in the last challenge — naturally, William is not pleased by this, but at least Yopie has it right when William, in turn, steals her model.

She reasons that it’s just a competition and she’s not overly bothered by it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: in the real world, a designer isn’t going to be working with just one model — or the same model — over and over again. What’s wrong with these people and embracing the challenge of versatility?

In this episode, mentor Henry takes the designers down Chapel Street in Melbourne to pajama wear designer, Peter Alexander’s store, where he presents this episode’s challenge: to create a minimum of two pieces for his summer collection — with the condition that one of appropriate for wearing outside of the boudoir and that the pieces fit in with his mood board. He urges the designers to surprise him.

Mark, who is safe from the last challenge, jokes about how he plans to make a G-string in reverse and that it’ll be part of the “camel-toe range inspired by Paris.”

When Peter and Henry come to inspect his work, they’re puzzled by the “bum flap” that he has created, which just comes across as bizzare and gross. I mean, just because you’re safe doesn’t mean you should go out and do something stupid.

He doesn’t look it, but he can be funny on occassion — the occassions where he’s not simpering in an absolutely ingratiating way.

I actually thought his shorts were supposed to be like granny panties at first and I remarked to someone, “Who would wear such high panties…well, apart from me?”

(I place comfort above sexiness any day.)

William, who is working with a new model, is concerned because she’s got a lot of “junk in her trunk” and he needs to make everything fit.

He hasn’t stuck strictly to the colour palate from Peter’s mood board, opting for a navy blue — and this alone is enough to make Michael think that William is in danger of leaving this week…nevermind the fact that Michael’s design isn’t particularly interesting, either.

When his “hot” model walks down the runway, the judges point out that the bra portion doesn’t fit properly and nothing’s being lifted and pushed up the way lingerie is supposed to work. What’s more is that his design is dated and not particularly suitable for sleeping in.

There was a delicious moment of total daggers when William is announced the winner.

Kellyanne also finds herself in the bottom with what Williams calls a “very shit brown” piece that is well constructed but not particularly sexy or appealing or in keeping with the challenge. She’s shocked and amazed when she isn’t booted out of the competition.

Instead, it’s Ivana who struggled throughout the challenge and set herself up for failure when she opted to create a pair of lounge pants that didn’t fit properly.


~ by justj on July 29, 2009.

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