Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode Three

Yeah — don’t say it. I’m seriously late on the updates, but I was in Norway for the last little bit, so now I’m playing catch up with these mini-recaps.

Blindfolded, the designers are taken to a hardware store where, predictably, they’re instructed to make an “avante-garde” outfit out of materials found in the store.

In similar challenges in past editions of all the incarnations of Project Runway, you just know the people who use the predictable stuff like covers and blankets in lieu of fabric are always the ones who get told off for playing it safe.

“Remember, there’s a big difference between avante garde and ugly,” Henry tells them.

Everybody looks to the weird Asian dude with the heavy eyeliner as the frontrunner because, I guess when you’re all into looking and being different, you get labelled as avante garde.

Personally, I’m too lazy to put in the effort to even try to be avante garde.

Can I say again that I don’t like the nasally gay guy with the long hair? There’s something about his face and the totally disdainful way he speaks just pisses me off because I find high and mighty assholes always think they’re better than they really are.

I loved it when one of the designers mentions how obsessed long-haired guy is with his long hair — and how everybody else wants to chop it off while he’s sleeping. God knows he’d be 100 times better looking and almost handsome if he did.

The judges’ mocking behind his back was hilarious — I just wish they’d said it to his face.

Unsurprisingly, Claudia was given the boot.

The episode gave strong hints throughout that she was the one who was leaving as she struggled with bad fabric (a plaid picnic blanket) and failed to make the look avante garde.

The winning design by Lauren:


~ by justj on August 20, 2009.

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