Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode Five

With Ryan getting the boot over Kellyanne, the mood in the apartment amongst the designers is low.

In an allusion to Kellyanne’s weight, the ever-annoying Michael opines that it’s strange that she hasn’t been sent home earlier, considering she’s such a big target.

I’m not a big fan of Kellyanne, but when Michael said that, I disliked him even more. Disdainful, snotty, condescending, and completely delusional in his high opinion of himself, I just feeling like he’s a loathesome human being.

“This week, we have to be in the real world — I live in Michael World,” he says, which sort of hits the nail on the head.

This episode’s challenge isn’t anything new either — it’s an old standby for Project Runway, where the designers have to do menswear.

The designers have to convince a complete male stranger to let them do a three-piece outfit that is modern cutting edge.

Cue panic attacks — oh no! I don’t do menswear! Boo hoo! What am I going to do? This is so not my thing.

Sorry — but I get so tired of this shit. You’d think these people have never watched a single episode of Project Runway in their entire lives.

To be fair, this is complicated by the challenge of trying to convince a complete stranger to model an outfit on the runway.

Anthony and Yopie are the first to find models — a lot of people understandably said no. I think I would have taken the tactic of, “Do you want to be on a TV show and get a free makeover?”

The designers had 15 minutes with $100 to phurcase their fabrics and approximately 12 hours to complete their look.

With diabolical cackles, Yopie and Anthony head straight to the accesorry wall and grab everything that they “need” to screw over the other designers. (Hey, if you were on the Amazing Race, you’d get penalized for that shit.)

Kellyanne is the only designer left on the street, looking for a model and the time just whittles away and there are only three hours left to the day — but her model is one of the few who was surprisingly okay with what she’d done.

Mark has this really lame Star Trek theme going on while Anthony’s model is decidedly against having MC Hammer balloon pants.

William is clearly the frontrunner with an outfit that looks like it could have come from a high quality, luxury European brand.

After making a knockout piece, he even has time to spare to help Yopie, who is dealing with serious time issues. (Yet, she has loads of time to freak out.)

Maybe it was William’s help that made her send out something that was actually really cool, though the judges thought that there was a feminine feel to the outfit.

I was impressed with Yopie’s model, though — he’s a young guy and his opinion was that, as long as you carry an outfit with confidence, that’s all that really matters.

For what it’s worth, I thought he looked really cool even though the judges all thought Yopie didn’t quite hit the mark with a masculine look.

Unsurprisingly, William wins.

Kellyanne, however, is cut from the competition because the coat looked very feminine — like the model had gone into his mum’s closet and borrowed a coat.


~ by justj on August 22, 2009.

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