Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode Four

Predictably, we arrive at the team challenge — something nobody ever looks forward to because, as we’ve heard ad nauseum before, everyone prefers to work alone.

Here’s something I’ve learned in life: no matter what you do, there will come a time when you have to work with other people — and the better you are at it, the better chance you have at success. (So, quit your bitching.)

Working in teams of three, the designers have to create three outfits inspired by a zoo animal with only 15 minutes and $72 each to buy their fabrics and a total of 8 hours to complete the challenge.

If I was on this show, I’d never want to be the captain of a team — that’s a guarantee to be sent home.

“Animal prints, tiger pints, feathers — uh, not. really. me,” Mark says, after quickly jumping into what is obviously going to be the winning team also comprising William and Anthony.

Poor Ryan gets left out and is forced to join Kellyanne and Yopie’s team, while the team with the “best hair” consists of annoying Michael, Amber and Lauren.

Henry warns them that one designer from each of the bottom two teams will be sent home this week — but you know what that means: the losers will be brought back at some point to compete yet again.

During the collaboration phase, we watch as Kellyanne dismisses every single idea that Ryan comes up with — which is annoying.

Yes, the judges liked the “avante garde” outfit that she came up with last week (after spending the entire episode moaning about how she didn’t understand what avante garde meant), I don’t particularly like anything that Kellyanne has put out. I sort of feel like, when the designer looks frumpy and dowdy, how can you really expect them to come up with anything fashion forward?

The lack of support for Ryan and selfish focus on their own garments just reflected badly on Yopie and Kellyanne. (See above note about teamwork.)

When Yopie and Michael get into a little spat about a “stolen” dummy, I just thought, “FUck. This is so childish.” I almost feel like they’re desperately trying to find some sort of drama for this season, but I find both Michael and Yopie repulsive.

Despite my opinion of Yopie, I thought she had a point when she said that Kellyanne’s behaviour was decidedly un-leader-like. Continually emphasizing that they still had to do stand-alone pieces and that she wasn’t going to take responsibility for anybody else’s failure. (Um, that alone, I would have given her the boot for, no matter how great her outfit was. Part of this challenge is about working as a team and she’s the bloody captain.)

“You’re the team captain — what’s going on?” Henry asks Kellyanne.

He looks less than impressed and tells Kellyanne that she’s being passive-aggressive by not stepping up to being the team leader and setting up the other designers for failure.

Kellyanne doesn’t take too kindly with this and starts throwing a tantrum, huffing and puffing angrily as she throws things around and reluctantly, finally attempts to be more of a leader.

Despite the judges’ disappointment with Kellyanne’s leadership skills, she’s safe.

Going home were Ryan and Amber:

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