Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode Six

I get the fact that, because in one episode, two designers are eliminated, there’s usually another episode down the road where the losers are brought back for a chance to re-enter the competition.

I hate this.

I say, just eliminate one designer per episode and do away with this ridiculousness of giving someone a second chance.

In life, most of us don’t get second chances no matter how much we’d love one — so, let’s make the competition more realistic: if you’re out, you’re out.

In this next challenge, the six eliminated designers return to team up with the remaining six designers to create an outfit and head piece for the Spring Carnival.

When they bring in the six eliminated designers, they all looked so scary and grim. It actually made me laugh.

The Spring Racing Carnival, apparently, is no laughign matter. It also hosts the country’s most famous best dressed competition: Fashions on the Field where the creations of some Australia’s top designers battle it out for the top prize.

The outfit has to have three pieces — including a head piece. The designers have 10 minutes to sketch their designs, 15 minutes with $100 to purchase their fabrics and a total of 10 hours to complete their look. One designer will be brought back into the competition, and one designer will be out.

Poor Mark winds up choosing Kellyanne and they automatically start butting heads, but I have to give Mark props for putting his foot down and insisting that the outfit reflect his vision.

That hat shopping excursion looked like a lot of fun — I love hats and own quite a few…albeit more in the vein of winter hats.

If Toronto was a place where crazy big hats were the norm, I’d be in heaven.

I was totally grossed out when Claudia sews through her finger — but because she decides she can’t afford to go to the emergency room for an hour, she tells Kellyanne to just yank it out.

Calm and cool, she seems unpreturbed by the whole thing, but Michael is freaking out beside her.

Claudia winds up going to the hospital anyway — which probably suits William just fine. When Henry does his critique, he tells William that, while he can’t come up with anything to “pick” at, the only thing he wants to warn William about is the fact that Claudia only being allowed to contribute 10 per cent of the design might lead to him being frowned upon by the judges.

Anthony and Ivana as well as Lauren and Amber are working well together, but Yopie and Jason have what Henry describes as a “tortured and confused” outfit because there doesn’t seem to be any cohesive teamwork.

Henry also calls Michael on the fact that he’s done the same silhouette over and over again — which everybody else has noticed before.

But does Michael take any of this into consideration?


He firmly believes that he knows what’s best.

Uh, okay.

Rightfully, Anthony and Ivana’s outfit wins — I just loved this: it was sophisticated, daring and just beautiful.

Michael winds up leaving — as Jayson says, the outfit just looks like a mess. Kristy telling him that his cheap and outdated design was what landed him in the bottom must have been a dagger to his heart.



~ by justj on August 22, 2009.

One Response to “Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode Six”

  1. I’m devo Michael got out…I know you really don’t like him but he was one of my faves (although I don’t think he’s one of the best designers cause he’s def not) and esp after reading what Ryan said of him in his leaving interview back in ep 4 or something, I thought Michael was a sweet nice guy just poisoned by reality TV. T______T

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