Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode 7

I checked out “Models of the Runway” the other night — the first time we’ve taken a behind-the-scenes look at the models of Project Runway.

It was boring as hell.

I only bring this up because, as I finally catch up with the latest episode of Project Runway Australia and they’re choosing their models, I keep thinking, “They should just force them to choose new models every week — none of this ‘sticking with the same girl’ bullshit.”

There’s a switch-up when Yopie steals Lauren’s model and, in turn, Lauren gets called “cow” by Mark for stealing his model.

But that aside, let’s get to this episode’s challenge: create an innovative outfit using the fresh food and packaging available to them at Melbourne’s Victoria Market.

At this point, I think the final three is going to be the boys: Anthony, Mark and William — with William winning it all.

Anthony’s just too weird and I’ve just never loved Mark’s asthetic.

I have to say: now that Michael’s gone, Yopie has replaced him as “most annoying” designer. There’s something grating about her voice — it’s like she squeals everything. Gawd. So annoying. I always scream, “Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!” whenever she starts her high pitched wailing.

I also feel like, if, by this point, you haven’t won a challenge yet, that says a lot about your chances of winning the whole thing.


This episode starts to feel like an episode of Top Chef with all this produce being laid out. Anthony even lays everything out like he’s going to cook it — totally doing a mise en place.

Lauren impresses me with her decision to use onion skins, methodically peeling them one at a time.

Mark’s look of disgust as he gags over William blowing out the yolks of some quail eggs so that he can string them together to form a necklace is just priceless — and when William says he has to blow something seeing as he’s been locked away in the competition for over a month.

I’m really impressed by what I’m seeing from most of the designers — like, true creativity — and the first few that stand out for me are: Lauren, Anthony and also, surprisingly, newbie, Ivana.

Yopie, predictably, is dealing with a time management issue with way too many components waiting to be put into the actual outfit.

That, and it looks really fugly.

She’s totally going home.

When Anthony notes that Yopie says her outfit is for Sarah Jessica Parker, he opines, “No, honey — it’s for a homeless person to eat.”

Henry provides a lot of useful advice to Mark — that there’s not enough produce on the actual garment and that he could be called out for that by the judges.

Mark, however, insists that, because the actual challenge said they could use either produce or packaging.

What I see, though, is lots of packaging with little bits stuck onto it. I don’t think it really fulfills the brief.

Ivana’s final outfit is gorgeous — the cabbage actually looks like fabric. She proves herself to be a worthy contender by winning this challenge.


Yopie gets turfed because the outfit doesn’t look finished and texture-wise, it just doesn’t look great.

~ by justj on August 23, 2009.

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