Project Runway Season Six – Welcome To Los Angeles!

It’s finally back — on a new network and a new location…but it still feels the same, and ultimately, I think that’s what makes the show work every single season.

I also think that the versions of this show in other countries tend to fare better when they follow the same structure. (See failure of Project Catwalk in the UK as a good example of this.)

The first challenge is to create a red-carpet look that represents the designer’s point-of-view and “true innovation.” Tim reminds them that red carpet can mean anything from the Oscars to the Grammys to the Emmys — so it opens things up for designers to be as creative as they want to be.

They were preassigned models for their challenge, and given 30 minutes to sketch their design — though Ari, who must be the resident flake for the season, says she doesn’t sketch and that she prefers to meditate on what the garment will be and then work on it.


YOu can sort of tell from the way she’s dressed that the stuff she’s going to come up with is going to be tacky rather than innovate and avante garde.

What’s more is that — well, is it just me or does she look like Samanthan Ronson…which is kind of ironic seeing that Lindsay Lohan is the guest judge for this challenge?

With a 30-minute shopping spree at Mood and a budget of $200, the designers have only one day to create their design.

Johnny, who used to have a crystal meth addiction and had tried out for Project Runway three times before he finally got into the sixth season, second-guesses himself and flip flops between the decision to either start over or to stick with his design.

“I’m feeling horrible so I need to go sleep for awhile,” he says, telling Ra’mon that he feels like he should quit and that he’s reached his limits.

Look — I want to feel sorry for him, but I can’t. Everybody’s got something in their life that can easily be trotted out as their sob story. In life, you’ve got two options:
1. Be a victim.
2. Forge ahead and make it work.

Tim goes to talk to him and asks if Johnny’s being too hard on himself and advises him that he’s already overcome so much — so he knows he can do it.

“Make it work!” Tim tells him.

What irritates me about this whole scenario is that Johnny’s ready to give up at the first instance of a little bit of pressure — and he needs to be talked off the ledge by Tim before he sudddenly decides that you can’t just throw in the towel and you’ve just got to forge ahead.

It annoyed me because I felt like I was being fed a sob story that was supposed to make me feel sorry for the guy and to root for him.

Mitchell’s outfit leaves a lot to be desired — basically, all he’s created is a collar and has blamed his model’s actual measurements being completely off from what he was given. Instead of making things work, he’s basically sending his model down the runway naked, stitching her into a “dress” that looks more like panty hose than anything else.

I would have kicked him out of the competition for that alone — plus, the collar was dated and fugly.

Ra’mon was one guy that I couldn’t help but keep tabs of — I mean, c’mon! The guy went to med school specializing in neurosurgery, but decided it was one thing to have a career that he was really great at, but another to have a career he was really passionate about.

Heidi applauds him by saying the dress looks more expensive than the $200 used to make it.

I have to say, though, that I liked Irina’s dress, as well — that’s something I would love to wear.

Christopher wins with what Nina calls an outfit with a “dark romantic edge.”

Ari gets skewered by the judges after she does her airhead description of how the model is someone going to the music awards in the year 2080 (or something like that) and going to collect her Nobel Peace Prize.

Michael Kors flatly tells her that the model looks like she’s wearing a disco soccer ball — and that there’s no beauty to that garment.

Lindsay Lohan hits the nail on the head by saying that Ari needs to be more aware of what the client wants and how the public will view it — the last thing you want is to land your client on the “worst dressed list.”

~ by justj on August 23, 2009.

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