Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode 8

Led into this empty warehouse for this week’s challenge, the designers are told to create three ready-to-wear womens’ outfits for summer 2010 and must include a blouse, pants, and a jacket, all looking cohesive and like they belong in the same collection — and all three outfits must be completed by the end of the day, which leads to gasps and a few tears from Lauren.

Mark covered his mouth immediately, saying, “I was afraid I was going to vomit and didn’t want to get it onto the other contestants.”

But then Henry brings in a group of Whitehouse students, instructing them to each pick three to help them bring their designs to fruition. He reminds them that it’s their responsibility to ensure that their vision is properly executed.

“It’s vital that you select the right people because they could be the difference between winning the competition and leaving it,” he says.

William, understandably is a little irritated by yet another team challenge — though, this time, with complete strangers.

“I’m going grey as we speak,” he tells the camera.

They’re given 20 minutes to interview the students — which leaves some of the designers at a loss because they don’t have any reference checks.

Anthony starts asking stupid questions like, “What’s your sign?” and “Where do you live?” whereas William opts to go by instinct, taking a look at which students would be able to work under pressure and be sensible.

The final twist seemed to be to choose some models among the group of students. Henry, however, deals one more bombshell: the designers have to choose among their students one person to gather the fabrics with only $180 and 25 minutes to get the job done.

“I’m just really over this before I’ve even started,” William says.

He’s disappointed when his student comes back with anything that looks good to work with, however, he tries to put on a brave face, afraid that he’d discourage her and make her do a lousy job.

Anthony, similarly, swallows his dismay when his student brings back black courduroy — like, seriously, who thinks that’s acceptable for summerwear?

Mark, who’s happy with his student’s fabric choice, actually seems to have really ugly colour choices.

The creepy music that they play whenever they pan over to Mark seems to signify that he’s going home.

Henry opines that Lauren is really emerging as a designer and that she could actually win this challenge.

When none of her students bother to show up the next day to help her complete her work, I’m impressed with her attitude that she would have preferred to do it all herself, anyway.

William seems more and more dismayed, but Henry’s words of advice to make the collection more “contemporary” seems to be the kick up the ass that William needs. He seems tense from the fabric choice disaster, but he seems determined to press forward. He does the sensible thing by making a list of what needs to be done and to just get on with it.

What I loved about this episode was how, during the runway show, the designers all provided critiques with what they saw on the runway — and they were all very supportive of each other, which is totally refreshing from some of the ugly backstabbing seen on other versions of this show. But then again, this was how it was in the last season of Project Runway Australia, as well.

I don’t remember who the guest judge was, but he was such a bitch when Ivana tried to justify herself with the uneven hemlines and sloppy workmanship by saying, “Well, I only had 12 hours” to which he replied, cattily, “That’s why they call it a challenge.”

Anthony wins because of his bravery and the risks he took — especially with the male model he sent down the runway.

Mark is turfed from the competition because the outfits — especially the pants — had a “Judy Jetson” feel. It was frumpy and unflattering and lacked vision.

~ by justj on August 30, 2009.

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