Project Runway Season Six – Episode 2 – We Expect Fashion

When Althea says she didn’t think that Ari would wind up being sent home, I couldn’t help thinking, “Are you, uh, blind?” How could you not see that coming?

Now that we have Models of the Runway, the spin-off show, we’re spared watching most designers pick the same models they’ve worked in previous challenges. (I think, going forward, Project Runway should just force the designers to choose a new model every week — mix it up a little and see just how these designers can handle a realistic situation of having clients of all different sizes…because if you’re successful, you’re going to have more than one client, no?)

The next challenge sees the designers creating a pregnancy “chic” look for Rebecca Romijn, who, as we all know, was pregant with twins almost a year ago — which sort of reminds you of how this show seems really dated now, with the dispute between Lifetime and Bravo delaying the airing of the sixth season.

The challenge proves interesting for some of the designers.

Malvin calls his look “the mother hen” while playing with the theme of fertility — which is interesting to me because the very next scene, you cut to Ra’mon, who recalls Nina telling him not to play it too safe, which makes me wonder if Malvin’s design is too out there, as in being just as crazy as Ari and then getting sent home.

For the judges, it seems there’s one thing to be creative and another to being too tacky.

When Tim warns him not to go in the direction of “costume land,” I can’t help but worry that’s exactly where Malvin is going. When he tells Tim that he wants to stick with his theme and have a “chicken thigh” look going on, Tim is understandably less than thrilled.

What woman wants to look like she has chicken thights?

Mitchell, who was in the bottom last week for sending down the naked model, looks like he’s headed for disaster again despite his assertion that he doesn’t want to win — he just wants to be safe.

Um, yeah — there’s the right attitude to have! Don’t put any effort into winning — it’s not like that’s the point of this competition!

I was shocked when the camera goes to Mitchell in the work room and he doesn’t even seem to know how to sew! His machine isn’t even threaded — and he doesn’t realize it until Epperson gives him the head’s up.

When Mitchell gives Ra’mon some advice and tells him that his outfit reminds him of a “bowling ball,” I don’t even understand why Ra’mon is even freaking out over what Mitchell has to say. The last person you should take advice from is the guy who’s been on the bottom and who sent down a model naked.

(Ra’mon cracks me up, though, when he glances over at Logan hammering something into his fabric and asks, “Are we Stella all of a sudden, workin’ on letha?”)

Shirin’s winning outfit was gorgeous — especially the coat, which Tim had cautioned her about, but which looked beautifully cut and tailored. It looked trendy and fulfilled the brief by being form-fitting and really showed off the pregnancy curves in a tasteful way.

I didn’t agree with the judges’ decision to eliminate Malvin over Mitchell.

Yes, Nina’s right in that it looks like the model has already had the baby and the baby is being hidden in a sling — but the words weren’t as harsh as what they had to say to Mitchell.

“It’s a mess!” both Nina and Heidi declared, when they look at the sloppy shorts.

Heidi even remarks that the shorts look like she sewed them herself — and she can’t sew.

So…why keep someone who has shown sloppy work two challenges in a row and who has shown that they don’t know how to sew?

For me, I feel like keeping Mitchell in the competition was like saying to a medical student, who doesn’t know how to suture, that I was going to let him loose in the ER unsupervised to suture up a patient.

Heidi tells Mitchell that he just squeaked by — and again, I wonder, “Why keep someone who’s been in the bottom twice now? At least the other person has proven with the previous challenge that he can do good enough work to make him safe. This guy you’ve spared has just proven himself to be a complete dud.”

It actually makes me question the fashion tastes of Heidi and Nina.

Having checked out Models of the Runway afterwards, I have to say that Logan’s model, Fatma, seems like someone who’s completely without class — and the fact that she has an obvious puppy crush on Logan is so sad and pathetic.

When he tells her that he chose the fabric to complement her skin, she seems to think that it’s some sort of tribute to her, but the reality is, if you’re a designer, you want to win the challenge, so, of course, you’re going to want the model to look good.

Her attitude when Mitchell chooses her to be his model for the next challenge is just disgusting. Yes, you can be disappointed, but have some grace and some class. Be a decent human being — though, in the case of Fatma, that seems to be too difficult a concept to grasp.

Can we say “attitude problem”?

~ by justj on August 30, 2009.

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