Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode 9

Now that we’re nearing the finale, it isn’t particularly hard to predict who the final three are going to be: Anthony, Lauren and William.

My bet right now is going to be on Lauren winning the whole thing — Anthony’s look might be a little too avante garde for the judges, whereas William’s work in the last few challenges has been a little lacklustre.

Meanwhile, Lauren looks like she’s peaking at the right moment and has grown into a stronger designer with each new challenge.

The final challenge is presented by a series of models coming out in couture outfits from the J’Aton, one of Australia’s most successful eveningwear labels.

When Kristy reveals that the designers are charged with creating the “showstopper” outfit to complete J’Aton’s collection — the first to be set on the international stage once J’Aton moves to New York — you just feel the absolute enormity of this challenge.

William starts tearing up at the prospect — after all, we’re looking at a label that’s routinely worn by some of the top celebrities from Australia.

With $500 to spend on materials, everybody except William seems keen on using black fabrics. Anthony doesn’t seem to have a game plan and is buying all of the black fabric from the store (or so it seems) and goes back to the workroom with six bags of fabric whereas William only has one.

I’m surprised that Ivana chooses to do a corset — something she’s never done before. why take the risk for such an important challenge that could land you on the world stage?

Both Anthony and Lauren seem bogged down with stress and reevaluate their designs after a visit with their models. They’re standing around, staring at their dummies, trying to figure out what to do next.

Henry, of course, has a surprise — he brings in the J’Aton boys, Anthony and Jacob, in for a quick look and work one-on-one with the designers.

When they meet with Lauren, they caution her that the centre panel of her dress looks similar to what they created awhile ago — and nobody seemed to like it.

The scary music whenever Jacob and Anthony walk over to look what the designers are working on just makes you think that they hate everything they’re looking at.

Lauren, the winner, is deemed “brave and bold” — the judges say it’s dramatic from every angle.

Anthony’s design is deemed “divine” with gorgeous workmanship but there didn’t seem to be as much drama as the judges were hoping for.

William’s puckered seams leaves Sarah unhappy and J’Aton’s designers think that it’s the wrong choice of fabric as well as colour. Overall, though, the judges seem happy with the construction.

Ivana is cut from the competition for what Sarah calls the “Little Black Riding Hood” outfit. The bodice is problematic because the fit wasn’t done properly — and Jayson also adds that it doesn’t necessarily look like a show stopper, especially since it lacks perfection.

~ by justj on September 6, 2009.

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