Project Runway Season 6 – Episode 3 – Rumble On the Runway

Tim Gunn in sandals — but still with a blazer, who would have thunk it?

The field trip to the Santa Monica Pier heralds the first team challenge, which is to rreate a fun and fashionable surfwear look.

Shirin, being the winner, gets to be a team leader and choose her teammate first.

When Mitchell chose Ra’mon, he said he wanted to choose someone who’d be able to “carry” him in the challenge — which is just the right attitude to have. I mean, why bother trying to win something when you could just coast by and not be in the bottom for once?

“Being with Mitchell, I feel like I have a giant bullseye painted right in the middle of my face,” Ra’mon says, being the understatement of the year.

When they get to Mood to pick out their fabrics, Mitchell opines that Ra’mon has picked out a lot of ugly fabrics and, as a result, thinks that they’re in trouble.

Well, if anybody knows what it’s like to be in trouble in this competition, it’s gonna be Mitchell.

When Ra’mon attempts to be a good teammate and asks Mitchell for his opinion about something, Mitchell snips, “In our relationship, I can’t always be here to tell you that you’re perfect.”

We then cut to a series of shots of Ra’mon busily working away while Mitchell sits next to him, cross-legged and prissy-looking, batting away other designers who dare to come over to his little worker bee.

When Tim walks into the workroom and tells them that they must also create a second look which must be an avante garde design that corresponds with their surfer look, Ra’mon says, “Ladies and gentlemen, capital WTF?”

He looks over at Mtichell and thinks that he either doesn’t care or doesn’t have the focus to get through the challenge — and at that point, isn’t even thinking in terms of trying to win the challenge.

Qristyl and Epperson get off to a rocky start right away because, even though Qristyl is the team leader, Epperson is coaching her like there’s a teacher/student thing going on — which rightfully pisses Qristyl off.

“The tension, I think, is because we’re fearful of what could happen,” Epperson says.

Qristyl says she doesn’t feel like the team captain and finds Epperson’s behaviour to be personally insulting as he instructs her on how to basically sew — as if she’s a beginner who’s just learning.

“We have to understand each other,” Epperson keeps saying, though Qristyl seems too irritated and more focused on getting things done than to try and making peace.

“The prophet of doom has returned,” Tim tells Carol Hannah as he informs her that her model, Erica, has a scheduling conflict. She’s up for a commercial and won’t be available for the fitting, he tells her.

Carol Hannah opts to bring back the model, Valerie, instead of using Erica.

Having watched “Models of the Runway,” this doesn’t surprise me. I think Erica was up for an Arby’s commercial or something — and I couldn’t help but think, “Why jump ship to do one Arby’s commercial when you could try and make it all the way through for Project Runway? It’s the difference between working behind the counter at a food court stand and being a waiter at an upscale restaurant.”


I feel really bad for Ra’mon, who’s basically doing both outfits, while Mitchell freely admits he has no idea what Ra’mon’s doing. He’s just standing back, watching Ra’mon working on the two outfits simultaneously.

Nicolas jokes throughout the challenge that Mitchell better be ready to get sent home — and I can’t help but think that, if Mitchell doesn’t get sent home, then I will quit watching Project Runway in a fit of total disgust.

Tim advises Ra’mon that time is running out and that he doesn’t want to see him disqualified, so he should just try and get something together.

I feel so bad for Ra’mon — I don’t want to see him go home. Yes, he was chided for being “too safe” in the first challenge, but you can’t deny that the craftsmanship is there.

“Am I giving up? No. At least if I go home, I can say I tried the best that I could,” he says.

Ra’mon looks floored when Heidi announces that his team is among the ones who have the higher scores.

When Heidi asked Mitchell what he did, he tries to make it seem like he did more than he really did.

Mitchell finally admits that Ra’mon did pretty much everything.

In a surprise twist, the judges decide that, despite two other teams having the lower scores, none of the bottom teams go home.

“If you are not a team player, you can not be a designer,” guest judge Max Azaria chides Qristyl, after listening to her and Epperson bicker on the runway. (Tacky!)

In a first for Project Runway, despite being on the winning team, Mitchell is sent home for doing absolutely nothing.

The two outfits that Ra’mon basically designed and sewed.

~ by justj on September 6, 2009.

One Response to “Project Runway Season 6 – Episode 3 – Rumble On the Runway”

  1. I’m glad Ra’mon won (even though I thought the yellow dress looked like a tablecloth tied round the middle with twine & really didn’t get why the judges enthused over it so much!!) He did more work than anyone else so it was fair. Also very glad useless Mitchell is gone. BTW, thanks for writing all this – every time I catch an episode, I come on here! We’re a bit behind you (not as much as usual though) but I’m not looking ahead 🙂

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