Project Runway Australia Season Two – Episode Ten

With a budget of $10,000 and two months with no restrictions and no boundaries, the final three designers of Project Runway Australia Season Two are now let loose to create 10 looks to show at the finale.

“When do you ever get that chance? It’s pretty special,” William comments, while adding later that there’s also this sense of relief that he’s made it to the very end.

We’re now in the rundown to the finale and if I was a betting woman, I’d say that Lauren looks like the one to beat in this season, even though I think most people would peg Anthony is the front runner.

I just think that Anthony’s look is a bit too weird, whereas Lauren has surprised me by maturing into an exciting designer.

As the designers pack up to leave and go home, I’m struck by how different things are with this edition of the franchise. I just feel like, with the Australian designers, there’s a genuine respect and comraderie that’s missing in the other versions of Project Runway.

When William mentions that he and Anthony would have preferred to stay in the designer’s pad where they’ve been living out of for the duration of the competition, each taking an opposite end of the house, I actually thought that would have been interesting to see. Sometimes, when we’re isolated, it’s harder to press on than when we have the competition around the corner, urging us forward.

“We couldn’t have afforded the rent,” William says.

“It’s a bit sad that we’re all going our separate ways, but it’s only two months, so we’ll all see each other soon,” Anthony adds.

“I don’t want to leave those guys — they’re like my brothers now,” Lauren says while Anthony wishes his competition nothing but the best…which I thought was really sweet. I think there’s this definite desire to win, but there’s also this sense of much love and friendship between the designers, which, again, I find refreshing and sweet.

It just makes me think about how people come and go from your life and sometimes, an experience where you go through something together with a complete stranger can be this whole new chapter to your life…and personally, that’s why I love meeting new people.

Anyways, Henry goes to visit the designers in their homes and the first person he sees is Lauren.

Her parents are so cute because you can tell they’re really nervous, too. Also cute is Henry, who gamely tries out a few cheerleading moves alogn with Lauren, who actually used to be a cheerleader.

“It’s important to know that Lauren is doing what she loves — fashion is her passion,” Lauren’s mother tells Henry, which causes Henry to throw his head back with laughter.

When Henry goes to critique her work, I feel a stab of nervousness. And right away, I think, “No way in hell is she going to win this.”

Henry opines that she’s going around in circles — that she got the fabrics, felt compelled to start on something as soon as possible, and is now stuck on her outfits.

She feels like she’s holding back and trying to do something that’s not totally her.

Henry was very reassuring and so supportive — which is something I love about him and makes me think he’s definitely Tim Gunn’s equal as a mentor.

Also in Sydney is William and we get a little more insight into William’s life.

He’s the youngest of five boys and he says that his brothers weren’t very supportive from the start because they were all builders, electricians and plumbers, but they changed their tune when they saw how passionate he was about his work.

“It’s important to me that Henry understands my work,” he says.

William’s collection is inspired by his trip to South America last year and I love the words he’s using to describe his collection: optimistic, alive, and colourful.

As William unrolls some of the fabric he’s been working with, he says, “I peed my pants when I saw it.”

I love the colour palate that he’s working with, but Henry says that, someone with the untrained eye wouldn’t make sense of what they’re looking at.

Thus far, William has only finished one look.

Henry warns him not to be too confusing by throwing everything into his outfits.

“Don’t overwork it,” Henry warns him. “Sometimes, less is more.”

William, out of all the designers, is the guy I would most like to be friends with — there’s something very funny and smart and sweet about him. To me, he’s the dark horse, not Lauren. Underneath it all, I want William to be the winner, but something tells me he won’t be.

Over in Melbourne, Anthony has been working on his collection non-stop.

Anthony talks about how he was adopted at nine months from the Philippines and from the very beginning, with all the photos that we’re shown, you can see that he’s always had this flair for fashion.

Surprisingly, he tells Henry that he used to be into Irish dancing and we’re shown a clip of him performing…which was just too precious for words.

When you get your first glimpse of the outfits, I’m just blown away by the sheer craftsmanship and innovation. And right away, I can’t help but think that Anthony’s going to be the winner — how can he not win after all that he’s done? There are dramatic shapes and a lot of design in what he’s made.

“It’s all about layers,” he says, as he shows Henry the roses he’s been inspired by.

“My goodness gracious me!” Henry cries out. “You’ve taken my breath away!”

The only thing that I’m worried about — and which Henry mentions — is that maybe there’s too much black. I’m afraid some of those intricate details and creativity will get lost because it’s hard to really see all of the work that’s gone into his pieces.

When the designers meet back in Melbourne with four days until the runway show, I’m amazed that William only has one suitcase containing all of his outfits and his own wardrobe.

“If I can get through this, I can fucking do anything in life,” William says, looking overwhelmed. He tells the camera that he went through quite a bit with his father passing away while he was trying to work on his collection.

(I burst into tears when I was watching him break down on camera. Why the fuck do they keep the camera on a person when they’re obviously upset and crying? I wanted to just reach out and hug him.)

When the designers meet again for the first time and there’s much hugging and squealing, I had an “awwww” moment.

“To go through this whole thing with two people you love means the world to me,” William says.

When the designers check out their collections, Lauren and William seem to think that they’ve played it too safe with black, Anthony smirks to the camera and says he has a trick up his sleeve.

I actually really love William’s colour palate and feel like it’s just more refreshing to see.

When Henry pops in, you know there’s going to be a curveball — and true to form, he announces that the designers must learn to adapt to last-minute changes.

The last challenge is to create a party frock with $100 and 8 hours to execute the design.

The next night, the designers will be at a party hosted by Rosemount where they will be the guests of honour, along with their designs.

The winner’s design will be featured on Rosemount wine bottles…which sort of seems tacky. Yes, it’ll launch someone’s career and give them massive exposure, but still, it’s a bit tacky.

Anthony surprises me by going for colour, whereas William opts for black.

When the designers go to the Designers’ House for the function, I’m a little surprised to spy a friggin’ Costco in the background. WTF?! Australia has Costco, too?!

Taking over judging duties for this challenge are major fashion players — I’ve forgotten the names apart from Simon Locke (so sue me…I’m Canadian. I don’t know who these people are!) — and they leave us hanging for who the winner is.

Until next week!


~ by justj on September 12, 2009.

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