Project Runway Season Six – Episode 4 – Eye-Catching Look

The models become clients this week as the designers are tasked with creating an eye-catching outfit for an industry event in the designers’ first one-day challenge.

Logan is nervous that his model, Koji, has a completely different style from what he’s been designing.

Johnny is on much more solid footing with his model, Eve Marie.

“It’s like designing something for myself if I were a Black girl,” he says, before pausing to consider what he just said.

Epperson’s model, Matar, had a whole list of what she didn’t want — and it all sounded a little too crazy because it wasn’t a clear vision of what she did want.

People who are indecisive are one thing, but designers who don’t know how to talk their models off the ledge are another — it’s always important to remember (no matter what your profession is) that at the end of the day, you have to stand by your design and that your reputation is on the line.

(I should know a bit about this because I’m slowly learning in my job that an unofficial part of my duties is talking people off the ledge of bad ideas.)

“Remember, you’re the designer — you can only address her needs as best as you can,” Tim advises Epperson when he’s unable to find the colour that his model asked for and opts to go with brown.

What I loved about this episode was seeing the designers work under pressure. You can really see the difference between those who have the potential to go far and those who are sort of pulling things out of their asses.

When Tim comes into the workroom to examine the work underway, he actually looks fabulous — I love the pink dress shirt and peach tie.

Some bon mots from Tim:
“It looks messy — it looks like she’s been rolling around in bed. We don’t want that.” (to Qristyl)

“Now that you’ve said Smurf, I don’t want you to say that word again…you have a conundrum.” (to Logan)

“The one comment I’m going to make about the design is that, is this top robbing your model of her youth?” (to Carol Hannah)

I liked how Epperson took charge and went with his gut instinct, ignoring the mish mash of instructions that his model gave him even though several designers think that Epperson could be going home.

I actually felt bad for Epperson when he started crying after talking to his family on the phone — but he kept plugging away, crying silently as he continued to work.

The top has a lot of intricate work and doesn’t look too bad though Chris thinks that the judges will either love it or hate it.

I’m a little worried about Logan because it seems like this episode is focusing in on him a little too much — which could signal that he’s going home.

He’s making Koji out to look like a Goth Cinderella, with black lace over a vibrant, metallic blue skirt that flares out in a 50s style.

“It’s a mix of 1950s and Marilyn Manson goth,” Logan says.

He likes the fact that his model is a bit different from the other models and has more of an edge.

I’m not sure if I’m rooting for Logan because he’s genuinely good or if I just like the way he looks — ’cause every show needs some sort of eye candy, you know?

The design isn’t something he’s ever made before and he says he’s happy with having pushed himself in new directions.

For this challenge, all of the regular judges are away. WTF is going on?

On the runway, the judges think that Logan’s outfit looks like a cheap prom dress, which I feel is the death knell.

One of the judges remarks that Logan is cute — and I wonder if that’s enough to help him squeak by for another week.

Johnny’s dress looks very “bridesmaid” Heidi says while another judge says it’s wearable and that it’s been done before.

Qristyl’s design doesn’t look youthful and Heidi says that the outfit has aged her model, Valerie, by “dog years.” The judges take Qristyl to task for playing it too safe and not taking much of a risk, using the plainest and cheapest-looking material available.

Valerie, her model, says that she likes the outfit, and the judges say that it’s because she’s not a designer.

Heidi says Valerie would not stand out in the event — and instead, would have blended into the background and been mistaken for a waitress.

Althea’s outfit really stood out — she created three pieces and both of the female guest judges said they would want to wear the suit themselves.

She rightfully wins the challenge. What’s laughable is that one of the other designers said that, while she couldn’t say anybody’s design looked like crap, Althea’s outfit looked like it would have been better off if she’d stapled everything together…which just goes to show that there’s no telling what other people might think.

The final seconds before Heidi announces that Logan is in, I actually held my breath, thinking that he was definitely out.

Qristyl is kicked out.

~ by justj on September 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Project Runway Season Six – Episode 4 – Eye-Catching Look”

  1. I was actually really sad to see Valerie go, she has a great look and her attitude is always good. Such a beautiful lady inside and out, the professionalism she brought was nice to see. I seriously thought someone would snap her up when she returned!

  2. The guest judge was so mean – “that’s why she isn’t a designer thank god” – all the poor girl said was that she liked the dress!

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