Project Runway Season Six – Episode Five: Fashion Headliners

Is it just me or is Irina a bit of a bitch?

Last week, she said that, while none of the outfits really looked like crap, Althea’s sort of did.

“I was in utter shock,” she says of Althea’s win last week, going on to add that she’d be the first in line to congratulate anybody who “deserved” a win, but she just felt that Althea’s win wasn’t “earned.”

Um, yeah. Just because the judges all thought your outfit didn’t really scream “winner” doesn’t mean you’ve got to lower yourself into the gutter and be all ghetto, talking shit about someone who did win.

That being said, this season has really made me question the judges’ expertise in judging considering they allowed Mitchell to stay on week after week after week despite the obvious fact that he didn’t even know how to sew.

Another person I’m finding totally annoying is Nicolas with his opinion of who “deserves” to be there and who doesn’t.

I think it’s his voice that really bugs me — it’s so camp…and he’s not even charming or interesting to make up for that unfortunate-sounding voice.

This week’s challenge, Heidi hints, is all “black and white” — but the designers probably didn’t have the LA Times in mind.

I raised an eyebrow when I saw the fashion editor of the LA Times — she didn’t really look fashion forward. I mean, I know she’s not exactly on the same scale as Anna Wintour running Vogue, but her dowdy, middle-aged office worker get-up made me go, “Hmmm. Interesting.” (Seriously, all that was missing were the running shoes and socks for the early morning commute into work.)

Tim announces that fashion is news and that the designers will create a design using newspaper as fabric.

The designers go hog-wild when Tim announces they have three minutes to grab all the newspaper they need.

Irina actually has a point when she questions what her fellow designers are doing.

“You’re dressing a person, not an elephant,” she says.

Tim gives some interesting background info, telling the designers the history of paper dresses and also provides the designers with some paint and dyes.

Of course, you have several designers (Nicholas) who, instead of attempting to make it work, sit around and whine about how they’ve never used this medium before and how they’ll probably go home.

Oh, boo hoo. There’ve been five seasons of Project Runway already — have you never seen the show? Are you seriously surprised that they’re asking you to do something slightly crazy? Are you so uncreative that you can’t attempt to make something?

Meanwhile, Shirin annoys everybody in the work room by talking too damned much. There’s a hilarious clip where you just see each designer giving the ever-oblivious Shirin the evil eye. She just continues talking, never once picking up on the fact that she’s annoying everybody.

Nicolas says that, while he’s only a few years older than Shirin, he feels like a 40-year-old in comparison next to this girl who’s yapping away like an 11-year-old.

He also takes time to criticize Johnny, who he says has created a messy dress with what looks like pig’s blood thrown on it.

Tim concurs.

“I’m woeful because right now it looks like a craft project gone awry. It looks like a bunch of kindergarteners did it!”

When Johnny says that the origami birds that he’s created along the shoulders are supposed to look like they’re holding up the dress, Tim arches an eyebrow and replies, “It may look like the birds attacked the dress” — which is enough for Johnny to rip the whole thing off and start over again.

This causes Nicolas to force himself to laugh, theatrically throwing back his head and doing silent peals of laughter — silent because they’re fake. Don’t force yourself to laugh, buddy — you might hurt yourself.

All of this being said, Johnny pisses me off when he starts giving his model a sob story, basically lying about why he had to start over. Several of the designers catch him in this lie and they’re getting pretty sick of how his attitude and how he actually takes time out to just sit there and do a crossword puzzle.

Seriously, WTF?

Johnny says he doesn’t give a damn what the other designers think about him.

Great. Don’t care that everyone thinks you’re a liar and full of bullshit.

Chris has an awesome garment in the works — he has this feathering thing going on and it all looks very intricate and beautiful, but time might be a real issue.

As an aside, I don’t like Chris’ model — she’s just too skinny.

I’m not too crazy about the fact that Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are still missing in action. Joining Heidi is Tommy Hilfiger and some chick from Marie Claire and also Eva Longoria Parker.

I was sort of amazed when Tommy Hilfiger was able to spot the scotch tape on Irina’s trench coat — I don’t think I would have been able to pick that out.

What was interesting about the runway was when Johnny chided Nicolas for throwing him under the bus when he felt compelled to tell the judges about what really happened to Johnny’s dress. There was no steamer accident. Tim had opined that the dress was a huge mess.

You know, I think I would have wanted to bring that up, too — it’s not okay for Johnny to just stand there and lie and make excuses. He can claim all he wants that he wasn’t make excuses for himself, but that’s exactly what he was doing.

In some ways, it wasn’t entirely too surprising that Irina won the challenge after all the rave reviews from the judges. To be fair, her garment was different from everybody else’s and really stood out.

Likewise, it wasn’t surprising that Johnny was sent home. His excuses were apparent and obvious and his overall look was simply a mess.

Even Tim felt compelled to remark to the rest of the designers that he was “incredulous at that utterly preposterous work of fiction that Johnny did on the runway. It was ridiculous!”

You tell it like it is, Tim.

~ by justj on September 19, 2009.

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