Project Runway Season Six – Episode Six: Lights, Camera, Sew!

Holy crappers.

Finding who got kicked off for this challenge, I did not see it coming because I thought for sure that this designer would be in the final three.

This week, the designers have to create a look inspired a movie genre and nobody wants to do the western genre, leaving unlucky Shirin and Epperson with the last pick and ergo, getting stuck with that genre.

Seriously, though — how hard could it be? I’d actually go in the direction of Nicole Kidman in “Australia.”

I thought Nicolas had an interesting point when he was talking about Louise — but it could have applied to almost anybody in the competition. At this point, you really need to have some sort of game plan and need to know everything about the point of your outfit instead of just creating something and bumping along without a map of how to get to Bryant Park.

When Tim visits everybody in the workroom, most designers have a story to go with their outfit — which is fitting seeing as the challenge is all about creating a look inspired by a movie genre…and what are movies really? Stories.

“Tim is truly a mentor,” Chris says, talking about how Tim will try to steer you in the right direction without actually telling you what to do.

All I can say is, the man clearly knows his stuff. He’s able to to eyeball an outfit and tell you if the design isn’t entirely in keeping with the period you’re designing for.

The nailbiter moment of the episode revolves around Ra’mon who, with two hours to go, decides to start from scratch after seeing his Sci-Fi inspired outfit on his model and realizes that she looks like Kermit the Frog.

I’m stunned by what Ra’mon has turned out — the body suit is this horrible shade of pale green and he’s got this scaly-looking thing that he’s got on top of the body suit in these odd patches.

I’m freaked out because I actually think Ra’mon is really, really talented and I think he’s a lot better than some of the designers that are still in the competition.

Tim even told Ra’mon that the outfit could either be spectacular or a hot mess…and what he’s got going on looks like a hot mess.

I guess it’s not really surprising that Ra’mon was sent home in the end with this:

Nicolas ends up with his first win with his Sci-Fi/Fantasy look:

Crossing over onto “Models of the Runway,” I’m actually thrilled with Project Runway’s decision to force all of the designers to switch models.

Next week should prove to be very interesting.

~ by justj on September 25, 2009.

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