Project Runway Season Six – Episode Seven – The Sky Is The Limit

“All I can tell you is that your next challenge will be colourful,” Heidi tells the designers cryptically when this episode opens up.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but are the challenges a little lacking in terms of crazy creativity? What happened to designing clothes out of gardening supplies or food? (Okay, okay, it’s been done before, but surely, there’s something interesting and different that can be done.)

This week’s challenge seems really ho-hum — though, trust me, I understand that the win is huge. The designers have to create two garments for Macy’s INC in the colour blue and which must be ready-to-wear.

The win is big: their outfits will be sold in select Macy’s stores nationwide.

Each designer is given some time to pitch — of the five that are chosen, they get to choose partners for yet another team challenge where the winner will not gain immunity. (I mean, the prize is big enough, isn’t it?)

Althea, as one of the team leads, gets to choose first and she picks Logan — which makes me automatically wonder, “Are you choosing him because he’s good or because, like, every other female on this show, you’ve got a crush on him?”

I don’t know about Logan — yes, he’s cute, but he’s sort of underwhelmed me. There’s this bland niceness to him. (And apropos to nothing, the boy needs to cut his hair.)

The flirty behaviour coming from Althea makes me think it’s because he’s hot. (As is the general consensus by most of the designers.)

Althea, however, doesn’t say this.

“So many people here have such big personalities, it’s kind of nice getting away from the drama,” Althea says to the camera a little later.

Another team lead, Irina, is ambivalent about picking a partner, so she tosses it back to the two remaining designers, Shirin and Gordanna to see who wants to work with her. Gordanna opts to go with Irina and Carol Hannah is stuck with Shirin — whom I suspect is well on her way to annoying the shit out of every designer left in the competition with her general loudness.

Cue scene of Shirin marching through the fabric store, shouting, “Denim! Denim!” like a robot, thinking she’s being all cute, when in reality, she’s just being annoying.

Louise wins the “Moron Award” when she misplaces the money she was given for fabric. I get that things can get really stressful with each new challenge, but if there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s spazzy behaviour.

A top contender for spazziness is Shirin. What is up with the annoying baby voice?

Shirin actually reminds me of someone at work — she’s one of those fools who likes to play up the fact that she doesn’t know what she’s doing and thinks it’s perfectly okay to not do anything.

I just find the team challenges really interesting because I think it’s truer to how things work in real life. I can’t stand it when the designers bitch behind each other’s backs instead of really trying to work with each other — I think that’s why I initially really liked the dynamic between Chris and Epperson.

Chris doesn’t seem like the confrontational sort, but I have to wonder if his innate niceness might also get in the way of being more of a decisive leader.

Most people want to be liked, but I think that a good leader knows how to delegate and actually lead without coming across as an unreasonable control freak.

And here, we would turn to Irina — not a good communicator. Constantly barking at her team mate, Gordanna, telling her that she doesn’t like something but failing to give direction just makes me think Irina nasty. (Nasty as in a vile human being.)

Okay, great. I understand that she has a high opinion of herself, but that doesn’t always translate to being a success in real life.

When Tim arrives to check in with them, Irina simply shoots down everything that Gordanna suggests. Tim aptly says that the two definitely seem to have a lot to discusss still.

Instead of leading and helping, all Irina can do is criticize and talk about what a disaster it is.

Um, hello! You’re the team leader! You have to take responsibility for both outfits going down the runway.

The bitching and crass commentary doesn’t extend solely to her teammate — Irina glances over at Carol Hannah and Shirin’s outfits and says that it looks like something from a discount store.

God, I totally hate this woman — in the words of Liz Lemon, “I truly dsilike you as a human being.”

I’ve probably said this again and again, but I think there’s a way you should behave in front of the world. Like, seriously, doesn’t she stop to think about how goddamn bitchy she’s going to come across to the whole world?

(But then againg, being a bitch, I guess she wouldn’t care.)

When we hit the runway, I’m so glad that Michael Kors has returned — though, Nina Garcia is still AWOL.

I really hate having these unfamiliar judges — especially the magazine editors who, for the most part, are total nobodies to me. Yes, I understand they’re in the fashion journalism industry, but over six seasons, you come to expect Nina Garcia there.

I’m dismayed that Irina is deemed the winner. Odious human beings shouldn’t be rewarded.

She does this whole passive-aggressive bit where she “nicely” tells Gordanna she should have been more vocal.

Michael agrees and says that, at the end of the day, there are two designers standing up there as individuals.

This is where I beg to differ.

I’ve worked with some really incompetent “leaders” in my time and I can tell you this: in the real world, when you have an incompetent boob for a boss, your whole team takes a hit because you’re being led by a crazy person, who is essentially the face of the department.

I think if you’re doing a team challenge like this one, the team lead has to step up and give proper direction. I would not have rewarded Irina with a win for this challenge solely because she showed exceedingly poor leadership skills.

What I love about Michael Kors’ return is just how great he is with the sound bites.

For Louise and Nicolas’s outfits, he says, “This truly looks like a bridesmaid’s dress with a shower louffa rouched up at the front of it. No girl wants to wear that dress.”

When he starts in on Chris and Epperson’s outfits and calls one a “table cloth” and the other a “disco pumpkin,” Chris starts tearing up and I felt really, really bad for him.

See, he is a good person.

But, as we all know, in real life, bad things happen to good people all the time and the evil often win.

I had a really scary moment where I thought, “Oh dear God, the judges are going to kick out another good designer for one bad outfit, just like they did with Ra’mon last week.”

I’m beginning to hiss, “Idiots!” at the TV like a complete mad woman.

I think all of the judges must have drunk the Crazy Kool Aid this season with some of their choices.

I do think Louise was the right pick for this particular challenge to be sent home. I’d like to think that it was because Michael Kors was here that they didn’t send home Chris…I mean, that’s the only reason I can think that they sent Ra’mon home last week. Poor Heidi was alone with nobodies and that’s why she made a stupid decision to get rid of Ra’mon.

~ by justj on October 3, 2009.

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