Project Runway Season Six – Episode 8 – A Fashionable New Beginning

I think Logan has a point at the beginning of this episode when he says that, because Irina’s won two challenges and has been in the top, this has boosted her confidence — and I think confidence plays a big part in anything that anybody does.

But with Irina, she’s always been sort of (okay, totally) arrogant and over confident, thinking she’s all that, when in reality, she’s just won two challenges. I don’t even think she really deserved the last one.

This week, the designers are thrown a slight curveball when Heidi brings out new models, all decked out in wedding gowns. It’s the wedding dress challenge — from the Canadian version of Project Runway.

The designers are charged with redesigning the wedding gowns into a new outfit.

It’s hilarious when the divorcees come into the workroom and poor Shirin, who was stuck with the woman with the plainest dress (and also with the least yardage out of everything available), was listening in barely concealed horror as the woman started telling her she wanted to look like “Cher, half-breed.”

Seriously, this woman looks and sounds crazy — like, no wonder she got divorced. Nobody likes to be around Crazy.

She’s talking about feathers and a headdress. Um, does she think she’s trying out for the Lion King or something?

“I’m trying to be polite but at the same time there’s no way I can!” Shirin says, adding that the whole point of the challenge is to win.

Another woman tells Nicolas that she doesn’t want certain fabrics because she doesn’t want any animals to “suffer” for the project.


Tim throws another wrench Shirin’s way when he tells them that they only have $25 and can only get two yards of fabric.

I’m not a designer, but I think the way I’d approach this is by dying the fabric from the original dress.

Shirin spends a lot of the time complaining instead of actually trying to come up with something. (But, really, does that surprise anybody? Shirin’s new name should be “Whiney.”)

I get what it’s like to feel stuck, as she says she is, but I think Tim’s comment that the feathers she bought seem simply to be “stuck on.”

He reminds her that Shirin’s “model” isn’t the one who’s at risk of going home.

When Shirin starts to cry, Tim shows why he’s so wonderful (and why I totally, totally heart him) by giving her a gentle pat on the shoulder and telling her to take everything off the table and start over again by playing around with what she had like she was playing with a paper doll.

When you’re stuck, you’ve just got to shove everything off the table and start on a fresh new slate. That’s what I do when I get stuck on a Professor Layton puzzle. (Not the same thing, but you get what I mean, right?)

Some of the designers, like Logan and Epperson seem to miss the point of the challenge by trying to get out of using too much of the fabric from the wedding dress. I think the challenge should have been more specific by saying that they could only use the fabric from the wedding dress.

(Though, Heidi chides Epperson and says, “I thought I was very clear: make an outfit from the wedding dress.”)

When Nicolas was outfitting his model, I hated how insincere he was, telling his model how it was so “her” while privately saying she thought it was the most hideous thing he’d ever made — but this was what she wanted.

It was obvious that she liked it, because she actually said she wanted to have his children. (Gross!) When the camera cut to Nicolas making a wide-eyed shake of the head, I couldn’t help but laugh, though.

Sure, he’s totally camp (like, playing up the gay factor or something…unless, that’s his real personality, ’cause then, that’s just unfortunate to have a voice as whiny and shrill as Shirin’s and a huge ego that rivals Irina’s) but that moment was funny.

I had a feeling that the designers who’d be in the bottom would be Shirin and Logan because they were showing more of these two designers than usual. I mean, as cute as Logan is (I still think he needs to get a hair cut), you don’t usually hear much from him.

I thought Carol Hannah did a fabulous job with the reinvention — the dress was so chic and light and feathery.

I think she should have won. I mean, Gordanna’s dress was nice, too, but I just liked the texture on Carol Hannah’s dress better.

“This dress is edgy and chic — but also does great things for her body,” Michael Kors says.

Gordanna’s outfit.

I’m so glad that he’s back — I totally dismiss what the other judges have to say. I don’t care who they are and therefore, don’t really pay attention, either.

I mean, the chick filling in for Nina is from Marie Claire, but all I think is “not-Nina” and call her and the other chick that has filled in for Nina that name.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t view Marie Claire as a fashion bible. I think if they’d had an editor from Vogue fill in, I’d take it more seriously…but really, who reads Marie Claire, anyway?

In the guest seat is Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo — I don’t understand why she’s there. This isn’t a shoe challenge.

They’re both very *yawn*.

Besides — it’s Michael who delivers the bons mots.

“It’s a metallic hefty bag — just cinched,” Michael says of Christopher’s dress. (And literally, as soon as he says that, I cock my head and think, “Yeah. It sort of does look like it.”)

Heidi and Michael both warn Christopher’s model not to wear her dress on a first date because he’d turn around and leave.

The judges are also unhappy with Logan and Epperson’s dress, envoking images of Oktoberfest in Heidi’s mind.

Epperson’s model looks like a pirate’s wench whereas Logan’s outfit is simply unflattering.

Logan’s outfit.

Epperson’s outfit.

In the end, I really think Logan should have been sent packing — yes, he’s a cute kid, but being a cute kid doesn’t cut it. Epperson, at least, has had some very memorable outfits sent down the runway.

Ultimately, the judges show poor judgment and make a bad decision once again.

Skipping ahead to next week’s scenes, I notice Nina’s back…but Michael seems absent.

I’m gonna throw this out there: are Nina and Michael feuding or something? Is that why we never see them in the same episode and we’re subjected to these poor, lacklustre stand-ins?


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