Project Runway Season Six – Episode 9 – Sequins, Feathers, Fur

The designers meet Tim Gunn and Bob Mackie, the “sultan of sequins” — and you know the designers all think that he is the special guest, but when they reveal that the designers are creating an extravagant stage look for Christina Aguillera, the designers’ jaws drop.

“This is not fashion,” he cautions the designers, telling them that a stage look is something else altogether — that the design has to be eye catching from the very back of a theatre and also exquisite up close.

With $300 and two days to work, the pressure is on right from the start as the designers go nuts, buying anything that’s even remotely shiny at Mood.

Nicolas rejects that strategy and opts to work in the same manner as Bob Mackie, choosing several design elements with the hope of putting things together in an interesting couture look.

Irina opines that you can tell the difference between the designers who know what they’re doing (given their fabric choice) versus the designers who didn’t know what they were doing (deer-in-headlights look).

“I really don’t know what Carol Hannah bought,” Irina says, telling the camera that all of the stuff Carol Hannah bought was cheap “crap.”

Admittedly, Carol Hannah had grabbed a whole bunch of things and figured she’d put things together back in the work room.

Gordanna, who has immunity, seems to struggle the most. The fabric she chose just fell apart every time she tried to cut it. The beads scattered along the floor at her feet and she had to simply walk away from the garment and then opted to start from scratch the next day.

Some of Tim’s greatest hits from this particular challenge:

To Chris: “Here’s my general disappointment: there’s a primness to the whole look. If you’re going to have a reveal it should be super sexy slut. This is 1999 in the costume department as a Halloween outfit.” (I love how it’s not just disappointment. It’s general disappointment.”
To Nicolas: “I thought you’d moved your winning look here for inspiration. This is a new look? Good God, this is like deja vu!”
To Shirin: “This looks like student work. It looks like it’s for a sixteen-year-old’s really bad prom.”

Irina, of course, has to add her two cents. She opines that Shirin’s look is “bargain basement.”

When all the models flock around Carol Hannah’s design, Irina shoots her the evil eye and mutters to her model, Celine, “Carol Hannah annoys the fuck out of me. She’s so mediocre.”

She claims that, if you’re going to be mediocre, you should at least have a great personality behind everything…which is a really cheap, really low thing to say.

I loved, loved, loved it when Nicolas said, “Irina’s a really good designer — the only problem with her is that she’s a bitch.”

Enough said.

While I find her unkindness to be tacky, I have to agree with her in that, better designers have been sent home. But this, to me, is the fault of the judges — who, for the most part, were not the fabulous Nina Garcia and Michael Kors.

So…blame the piss poor sorry excuses for judges this season for sending home genuine talent and keeping the crazy ones around.

Nina Garcia, thankfully, is back this week — though, Michael Kors is missing in action (again: do you think they’re feuding or something and that’s why they’re never together?) and Bob Mackie shows up in his place. (Okay, okay…it makes sense for him to be there.)

Christina Aguillera, of course, shows up…and wow, she’s totally glam. Remember when she went through that “dirty” phase and she had all those stupid tattoos and was trying to be this edgy, aggressive, hot woman but she was just trashy and gross?

In some ways, it wasn’t surprising that Carol Hannah won the challenge — while her dress was a little too long (I just see Christina wearing something shorter on stage for some reason), I think that it was the most glamorous look that came down the runway.

Shirin, who is eliminated, is told by Heidi that her garment looks like a witch’s outfit.

~ by justj on October 19, 2009.

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