Project Runway Season Six – Around the World In Two Days


I really hate building up suspense over nothing — though, when Heidi told the designers for this challenge that they’d be meeting with a “top designer” and the reveal wound up being Michael Kors, it was sort of a more pleasant surprise than expected because Michael Kors has been pretty much AWOL for this whole season.

He tells the designers about some of the locales that have inspired his collections and for this challenge, the designers pick one of those locations and create a look based on that.

I thought the challenge was a little ho-hum.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I also watch “Top Chef” and I just feel like, with that show, you can actually get a sense that the competitors on this current season are actually the best of the best.

But with this season of Project Runway? I don’t get that. I can’t even really say that I really like any of them a whole lot.

Yes, Irina’s horrible, but apart from that, the others are just really lacklustre. I’m a little surprised that certain designers are still around — Gordanna, for one, and Logan, for another.

The latter has yet to win a challenge and I have a really hard time picking out any of his designs from memory.

Sometimes, I wonder if any of the designers have actually watched Project Runway before — there’s no sense of time management for some of the designers.

Tim actually has to tell Gordanna to simply move forward with something because none of the garment is actually made. Logan also worries Tim because there’s a lot that’s not done yet.

Irina actually points out the wasteful time management factor — and I find myself nodding in agreement, but then she opens her mouth and talks trash about Christopher, opining that his garment looks more suited for an Amish woman.


“They’re getting by on the bare minimum,” Irina says, as she casts an evil eye around the workroom.

Every single shot, she’s got her pointy nose up in the air and her eyes narrowed in obvious distaste as her mouth pinches and purses.

I really, really don’t like her, but I do think she’s pretty striking. It’s just a shame that she’s got such an ugly personality.

How often do I complain about tacky behaviour? It’s the one thing I cannot stand in others — yet, I’m seeing more and more (in the real world) that it’s often those who know how to kiss ass and have a really high opinion of themselves that manage to get ahead.

When we get to the runway show, this is the first time in a long time that our Project Runway panel is fully in tact — both Michael Kors and Nina Garcia are present and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say.

Irina, to my everlasting disappointment, wins this challenge — though, I have to agree with the judges that she took the interpretation and managed to create something that had runway power…well, compared to the other garments that went down the runway.

I was disappointed by a lot of what I saw. Christopher’s outfit was a plain little dress and Michael Kors points out that it doesn’t look anything like something from Santa Fe.

When he starts to rapidly blink, I can’t help but feel bad for him and wonder if it’s his turn to go home.

Like, while Logan’s outfit was fine, I don’t think it was necessarily “young Hollywood.” They just looked like your basic pair of pants and top that you might find at Club Monaco.

(I did like the denim pants.)

“It’s just basic clothes,” Nina tells him, while Michael says, “They’re clothes — not fashion.”

The outfit by Nicolas is even worse — it doesn’t have anything to do with Greece. It looks like an ordinary pair of pants and shirt — just like Logan’s.

“Where’s the fantasy in this outfit?” Nina asks.

Michael says he thinks Nicolas got confused and picked the wrong Greece — that he was probably think “Grease” (as in the movie).

Ultimately, Nicolas is sent home.

~ by justj on October 24, 2009.

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