Project Runway Season Six – Episode 11 – The Best of the Best

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Irina is going into the finale — and that she wins the whole thing.

When Althea says that she thinks the strongest out of the last six designers are herself, Irina and Carol Hannah, I can’t help but agree.

While Christopher started off strong, he’s been consistently in the bottom in the last couple of challenges. Logan has never won a challenge and Gordanna just doesn’t seem to be a particularly daring or innovative designer — nothing about her (so far) has really stood out in my mind.

This week, the winning looks are on the runway when the designers meet with Heidi.

She announces that the challenge is to create a companion piece to their best look.

It’s interesting to note that Logan is the only designer who doesn’t have a winning look on the runway — I can’t help but wonder if this is his time to go home. I mean, this isn’t exactly the sort of competition where you can coast by under the radar — this isn’t Survivor. This is all about finding the best designer — and can you even be considered a contender if you haven’t even won a single challenge?

When Tim visits Logan’s work station, however, he delcares it in the “wow” category.

Someone who isn’t a major hit in comparison is Althea, who’s pissed off with Logan because the collar that he’s working on looks incredibly similar to what she designed for the Christina Aguillera challenge.

To rub salt in the wound, Tim doesn’t like what Althea is currently working on.

Althea’s pants initally look like a disaster — they’re tight at the bottom and become voluminous on the top.

“Right now, it looks like it’s waiting for a diaper,” Tim tells her.

Althea finds an ally in “Mean-a Irina” (the nickname the other designers have given to her behind her back), who’s always a hater.

The big drama for this particular challenge seems to be the fact that Althea and Irina think that Logan is an idea thief.

Althea decides not to say anything — and neither does Irina, who later decides that Althea is the pot calling the kettle black, seeing as the sweater looks suspiciously like what Irina trotted out for the previous challenge.

The judges, however, call the designers out on their obvious copying.

“Now, who had the sweater idea first?’ Heidi asks.

Irina jumps on this and does dagger eyes at Althea when she insists that this was in her original design.

She does this passive-aggressive thing by saying that there’s a lot of “resemblance” in a lot of the designs among the designers. She sort of does this innocent thing where she asks, “I can understand when there’s twenty designers, but with six designers, how can you not see the resemblance?”

She doesn’t stop there. She adds that she had the knit-wear look in the previous challenge as well.

However, Althea sill takes the win, which induces a lot of eye rolling from Irina.

Logan’s design gets slammed by the judges.

“It looks like a fashion project from a student,” Nina tells Logan.

~ by justj on October 30, 2009.

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