Project Runway Season Six – Episode 12: The Art of Fashion

Frankly, I was surprised that they didn’t bring back all of the previously booted designers for another chance to compete again.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m beginning to feel like Project Runway was a little off this season — the challenges didn’t seem overly bizarre or challenging and a couple of them seemed downright recycled.

The ‘bad guy’ for this season is obviously Irina and while her personality is thoroughly detestable, that’s not exactly a reason why she shouldn’t win.

The judges have consistently liked her work and the remaining designers have been lacklustre and not particularly memorable or outstanding.

For the final challenge, we have a recycled brief from season four: draw inspiration from a museum — this time around, the Getty Center is used as that source.

The models join the designers as they wander around the Getty to serve as muses.

I didn’t really get this — I mean, yes, we now have “Models of the Runway” and we have to churn out an episode for that show as well, but the models didn’t really add anything to the inspiration gathering.

Just judging from what the designers trot out in the sketches, you just know that none of them would have had a chance against the season four contestants.

In some ways, I can’t help but wonder if this is the season that’ll make me want to stop watching “Project Runway.” (Like how season five of “So You Think You Can Dance” made me want to give up on the show altogether even though this current season boasts far superior dancers.)

The tension in the work room is palpable — it’s surprising that Irina and Gordana are now “friends” seeing as Irina doesn’t seem capable of being nice to anybody.

There seems to be three camps: Irina and Gordanna are now “friends”, Carol Hannah and Christopher have buddied up now that eye candy, Logan, has been kicked out, and then there’s Althea, who’s been feeling the tension from Irina, who accused her of ripping off her design.

Carol Hannah tries to keep out of it, opining that everybody should just focus on their work instead of nitpicking over stupid things.

When Gordanna starts in on her, passive aggressively making her little comments, I just can’t help but feel like she’s being immature and idiotic. (But then again, I don’t think anybody seriously ever saw Gordanna advancing to the finale, so it’s easy to just dismiss her.)

Tim really pushes the designers by questioning their outfits. He worries Irina by saying her outfit sort of looks like road kill and then asks Althea why she chose to construct the outfit the way she did. (There’s a lot of puckering and the fabric just doesn’t look like it’s being put together in the right way.)

“It’s definitely not a ‘wow’ outfit,” Alteha says of Irina’s design — but that can be said about all of the outfits that are headed down the runway.

I just feel like, with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia missing from most of the challenges, the wrong designers were sent home.

Michael was AWOL again and it didn’t seem like he missed much of anything.

Each outfit that came down the runway seemed boring. Nothing stood out. I failed to see how any of the outfits were inspired by something from the Getty Center.

There was no creativity, no innovation, and no “wow.”

In the end, Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea were voted into the finale:

Carol Hannah’s dress was well executed, but Nina was concerned that she was playing it safe.

Irina’s outfit was a bit “old lady-like” because of the length.

Althea’s outfit was dubbed a bit of a “mess fest.”

Christopher and Gordanna were sent home:

The judges thought Gordanna’s outfit was a perfectly made dress but Nina thought she didn’t take much of a chance on the design.

The upper part of the dress was beautiful, but the judges thought the bottom of the dress was too heavy.

I was actually horribly embarrassed when he started crying on the runway while he tried to explain why he deserved to go to fashion week because he was able to see beauty where nobody else saw it.

~ by justj on November 7, 2009.

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