Project Runway Season Six – Finale Pt. 1

This season of Project Runway has left me feeling “bleh” at best.

I get how most people would want either Carol Hannah or Althea to take the win because they’re not as crusty and disgustingly unclassy and lacking in manners as Irina, but is “niceness” the qualifying factor for the win? Nope.

If we go by wins alone, then the obvious frontrunner would be Irina.

Tim visits Carol Hannah in the suburbs of New York first — and I’m surprised ’cause her fancy new digs look like she’s one of those Real Housewives people. (I’ve never watched the show — you have to know where to draw the line when it comes to watching crap.)

Tim’s arrival provides some much needed perspective — or at least that’s what I think. If Tim tells you that the little cape you’ve designed looks matronly, then you lose it. It’s really that simple.

It’s hilarious watching Tim in the kitchen, all properly dressed up in his impeccable suit, with an apron draped on top.

Next, Tim visits Irina in Manhattan.

I can’t say I’m surprised when I see Irina has a yappy little dog. Crusty, unfriendly people tend to have pets and develop unhealthy bonds with them because the unconditional love provided by a dog is easier to deal wtih than the unpredictable whims of actual human beings.

When she says that she wanted to draw inspiration from Coney Island, I was a little surprised — Irina doesn’t strike me as a fun person, at all.

When she brings out a few t-shirts that have prints on front, I was a little surprised — it seemed really tacky. That being said, the rest of the items looked okay.

Irina was a little disappointed that Tim’s reaction wasn’t as positive as she would have liked — but you know what? It’s better to get constructive feedback than to just hear positive things all the time. How else can you grow?

Tim later throws a wrench in Irina’s plans because ten days before Fashion Week, he calls her up to say that the Coney Island prints aren’t allowed because another artist owns the images and she has to come up with something else.

Finally, Tim visits Althea in Dayton, Ohio, and she’s actually really receptive of seeing him.

Some of her pieces look weird and Tim tells her they look too costumey and like it’s stepped right out of the wild west.

When they all reunite, the awkwardness between Althea and Irina is just embarrassing. They parted ways badly and they can hardly wait for Carol Hannah to show up — but Tim tells them that she’s sick with a stomach virus and therefore can’t come because she’s contagious.

Oh the drama!

Four days until Fashion Week, Carol Hannah’s still missing in action — it’s just the two girls in the work room and evertyhing is realy quiet…until Carol Hannah actually shows up.

I really feel her because I’ve been sick for the last couple of weeks and I’m still not feeling 100 percent. It’s so difficult to function when you’re plagued by illness.

When Tim makes the rounds, he questions Althea, asking her if the items she’s showing him are cohesive and for the same customer. A lot of things are matronly-looking.

Irina looks over at Althea’s collection with her evil, slanted eyes and makes her little passive aggressive, snide remarks about how Althea has copied her yet again — how Althea has a “good memory” and has copied what Irina has done in past challenges.

I swear to God, the more Irina talks, the more hateful she seems and I just really don’t want her to win. Evil people should never be allowed to succeed (though, they often do).

Irina’s collection has a lot of black — you know, like her shrivelled-up coal-like heart and soul.

I’m really, really surprised when both Nina Garcia and Michael kors show up to provide a bit of constructive advice — seriously,, this feels like the first time the judges are actually seeing the designers seeing as both judges were MIA for most of the season. It makes me wonder if they’re really in a position to judge when they haven’t even seen the growth of the designers throughout the season.

It definitely feels like the judges and designers are meeting for the first time.

Pompous Irina, of course, doesn’t want to take any of Nina’s advice into consideration.

When she tells them that an all-black collection is really difficult to get a good editorial on, Irina freezes somewhat — but you know her. She’ll just dimiss what you have to say because it doesn’t fit with what she’s doing. Why take the advice of someone who knows something about the business?

Heidi also makes a visit — this, of course, is to unveil the “surprise” which is simply to make another outfit. (Of course. They always do this.)

Christopher, Gordanna and Logan are brought back to help — which is a slap in the face to those designers, I think. If I was booted out, I don’t think I’d want to come back and help.

Althea chooses Logan, who she’s worked with before. The camera pans to Carol Hannah, who bites her lip in disappointment. (Insert eye roll here.) Irina chooses Gordanna, who’s her new BFF, and Carol Hannah is “stuck” with Christopher, though I still feel like Christopher was the strongest out of the three that were brought back.

I can’t wait for the finale — not because I want to see who wins but because I’ll be glad when this season draws to a close.

~ by justj on November 15, 2009.

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