Project Runway Season Six – Finale Pt.2

Worst season of Project Runway ever — and the very worst part? A thoroughly unlikable bitch won the season — as predicted by your’s truly after Ra’mon was unfairly ejected from the competition.

I know, I know. This isn’t like “So You Think You Can Dance” where people get to vote for their favourite dancer and not the best dancer (which is how Joshua won season four when it should have been Katee) — no, this season was a sham where the permanent judges were AWOL for most of the season and were not true witnesses to any sort of growth of the designers.

Do I find the finale three of this season talented?

At best, all I can really say is that they’re all right. They can turn out decent clothes, but I felt like what I was looking at wasn’t particularly innovative or fashion forward — if anything, a lot of the clothes that came down the runway looked like the overpriced clothes you’d find at Banana Republic. Clean and chic, but nothing you’d put on the front cover of Vogue or Elle and think, “Wow.”

I think the one scene that truly exemplified the reason why this season was so piss poor was when Carol Hannah, still sick, breaks down and stars sobbing. Chris, who was one of the few designers I genuinely liked as a human being, was the only one who showed any spark of compassion and empathy — the other designers just stood there like expressionless robots.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not complaining about their lack of compassion for Carol Hannah — what I’m complaining about is their lack of personality.

So, Irina won — but do you seriously see her being on the same level as someone like Christian from Season Four? (Granted, last season’s winner, Leanne, was equally dull and drab and boring. Total yawn-fest.)

For all of Irina’s nasty words and high opinion of herself, I just don’t see the sort of fashion forward thinking in any of her work to vault her into the top of the fashion world. So what if she won Project Runway Season Six? She still came across as vile and ugly, personality-wise and her clothes were boring, but marginally “better” than the other designers’ outfits.

Her “winning” collection was pretty shapeless, ugly and boring. It was all black, for one — which was a bit of a yawn-fest. But then there were a lot of bulky shapes like the following:

Wow. Unflattering much? This is the sort of thing you should never wear — unless you like having people talk about how fat you look behind your back.

This model looks like she’s wearing a Yeti costume.

She looks like she threw on a rug because it was a cold day.

Seriously — haven’t you seen this a million times over in retail stores?

Not a fan — nothing else I can say about this. At least it wasn’t as shapeless and flat out ugly as the other outfits.

Surprisingly, Carol Hannah was the first one kicked off and not Althea. Carol Hannah showed more of what she was always capable of: pretty dresses — and really, at this point, I want to see more than pretty dresses. I want to see something different and innovative.

Pretty, but boring. Plus, I feel like I’ve seen this before — it’s like an unfortunate-looking bridesmaid’s dress.

While I like the colour of this and think it’s elegant, I don’t think I’d settle on this as a first choice if I had a special occasion that required a ball gown.

This was beyond unflattering.

I get what she was trying to do here — prove that she can do more than just dresses. But you know what? It’s not enough.

Yet another signature Carol Hannah ball gown. Yawn.

Althea, on the other hand, didn’t exhibit any of the sci-fi theme that she was going for — it didn’t translate in her collection at all. Instead, what I saw was more of a Banana Republic-type collection…nice, stuff I’d probably wear, but nothing incredibly exciting.

This reminded me of Irina’s collection — I thought the model here looked like King Kong.

I liked this outfit — but all of the outfits pretty much looked like this.

Anyways…to cap off for this season, I really have to thank Heidi for kicking off the wrong designers and allowing the boring ones to stay behind. Really, Heidi was the only constant in the judging panel this season and she showed extraordinarily bad judgment.

But, then again, she didn’t have much to work with in terms of talent, so perhaps she couldn’t be entirely blamed.

All I can say is that this season was horrible and it was almost enough to make me want to give up watching Project Runway altogether.

Fingers crossed that new seasons will fare better!


~ by justj on November 20, 2009.

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