Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 1 – Back To New York

“I want to be a household name!” the first contestant, Seth Aaron, declares as the seventh season of Project Runway gets underway, back in New York and back with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia in the judges’ chairs.

The sixth season was such a disaster and bore that I’m a little wary of Project Runway this time around.

First thing I notice right away? I know this sounds mean, but it’s a better looking cast of designers — unlike last season when Logan was deemed eye candy and we had to hear over and over again how hot he was.

When Heidi welcomes the designers to Atlas, I can’t help but think that the relocation to LA was probably just one of the many reasons as to why season six sucked.

When Tim meets the designers at Central Park and the designers find yards and yards of fabric from Mood available, they’re instructed to gather as much fabric as possible in three minutes — but Tim gives them an “opportunity to edit” by telling them they can only pick five out of everything they’ve gathered.

“I think I grabbed the ugliest fabric out of everybody,” Ping, a physiotherapist by day and wannabe designer by night, says.

The fact that they’re focusing so much on all her weirdo comments as she drapes ugly green fabric around herself and jumps up and down in front of the mirror and declares herself “beautiful” — well, I can’t help but think she’s probably on the way out.

When they get back to the work room, Tim tells them about the new notebooks that they can use — everything’s getting high tech these days and it’s cool seeing the designers sketch on the notebook and add colour to their designs.

As Tim enters the workroom, I can’t help but feel a little bored by the designers who are choosing to make the typical cocktail dresses and gowns.

Tim approaches Ping’s table and she’s got all of her fabric draped all over herself. She explains that she often uses herself as the model when she’s designing something.

“Doing it on you — does it make you objective?” Tim asks.

She thinks it does ’cause she’d only do things that she herself would wear.

Quite a few designs looked puckered, unfinished and like mere afterthoughts.

Tim tells one designer that he’s worried because, in the history of Project Runway, nobody has ever simply not finished.

Janeanne gets weepy throughout most of her on-screen interviews — and this instantly makes me dislike her.

The voice starts to shake whenever the camera is facing her and she seems completely devoid of any confidence.

One designer — forget his name — opines, however, that Ping seems to be the one who’ll be sent home because the strange design is just too weird.

Nicole Richie is the guest judge for the first runway show and it’s pretty exciting getting a chance to really see what the designers are like.

I definitely didn’t like Jay’s garment ’cause there’s a lot of weird pouffy flowers attached to the hips and in front of the stomach.(And yet, he was safe.)

I think it looks like you glued a few dresses together,” Michael Kors told Anthony and added that he didn’t think too many women would want a huge appendage glued to her hips.

Nina thought there was a contradiction between the fabric and the silhouette.

Christiane, who was overly confident, and thought she was going to take the win, was slammed by the judges for being unsophisticated.

I was actually surprised that the judges didn’t slam Ping — it didn’t really look like she’d created anything. As Nina said, there wasn’t really any hanger appeal — it looked shapeless.

Nicole pointed out that the challenge was to express themselves as designers — and this was precisely what Ping did.

“She looks like a Hershey chocolate bar,” Nina told Jesus of his gown, which looked like it had started out as a shorter dress but then more material was added later. You could see the seam — and it was very unflattering.

“It’s the cliche of what would have been glamourous in a lounge in Vegas in 1972,” Michael said.

The watchword for this first episode seems to be “appreciate.” Nina uttered it a couple of times — and the way she said it (in that condescending, snotty way that she often has), I couldn’t tell if she was being genuine. Like, was she saying this in an attempt to be nice for a change?

Emilio’s design

I was a little surprised when Emilio won — don’t get me wrong. It was a nice dress, but I thought that Seth’s zipper dress was better. It was edgy and had a definite look — it was something you could see a young, rising star wearing to the MTV music awards.

Seth Aaron’s design

Ultimately, Christiane gets the boot, which leaves her rooted to the runway, stunned.

~ by justj on January 17, 2010.

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