Project Runway – Season 7 – Episode 2 – the Fashion Farm

When the designers are sent to a farm, they’re greeted by Tim and all of the models wearing potato sacks.

“Ever heard that expression, ‘She’s so beautiful, she’d look good even in a potato sack?'” Tim asks.

Uh, no.

I’ve never heard that expression.

It turns out the challenge this week is to create a party look from a burlap potato sack.

There’s moaning and groaning as designers flutter their eyes in feigned pain and despair.

Oh no! Such a crazy challenge! I can’t believe this!

Whenever I hear this sort of crap, I think: Okay, Project Runway has been on the air for how many seasons now? And I presume you’re a huge fan, and that’s one of the main reasons you signed up to compete on this show…so, uh, why exactly is any of this a surprise?

The twist is that the models are the clients and they get to choose which designer they want to work with as well as giving input into what they want.

The resulting pick-and-choose session is uncomfortable — it makes me flash back to elementary school and I always think, “Why don’t people behave the way they do in the real world, where you don’t get a say over who you work with and you’re often stuck with some of the most annoying people you could ever find.

I was a little surprised that they were provided with fabric and buttons and other stuff — I guess I was under the impression that they were going to use materials found on the farm. Is that too crazy?

One of the designers remarks that the real challenge is to make burlap look expensive — because nobody wants to look like they’re wearing a burlap sack.

I can’t help but flash back to Julia Roberts presenting at some awards show shortly after she made it big in “Pretty Woman” — and she was wearing an unflattering dress that a lot of people compared to a potato sack…which goes to show that <i>some</i> people actually don’t mind wearing outfits that look like potato sacks.

Mila is upset that her model decided to switch things up and choose Anthony as her designer — and then proceeds to sound like a sore loser by questioning her model’s decision and telling Anthony that it’s the model’s loss.

(This despite the fact that she seems to have a near existential crisis, wondering what she could have possibly done to deserve this “diss.”)

Anthony tries to remain courteous but tells the camera that Mila can go and kiss his and his entire family’s asses.

Anne Marie seems to be doing things a little more innovatively. She also grabbed some potatoes at the farm and used them to make a print on the burlap.

When Tim comes back for his walkabout, it’s like a breath of fresh air.

He winces when Mila starts to show him her design and tells Tim that this was what the model wanted.

His look of distaste seems to say it all as he warns Mila not to compromise the integrity of what she’s doing.

His simple, repeated, “Don’t” just says it all.

When he sees Jay, he’s also dubious about what he’s trying to take on because he doesn’t think he’s going to have enough time to do it all.

Jay is only half done by the time it reaches midnight on the first day.

With Ping, Tim warns her to be careful with the taste factor — he reminds her that the short skirt that she’s planning on doing is too short. On an elevated stage, it’s just going to look vulgar.

Amazingly, this didn’t even occur to Ping, who seems a little too crazy and flighty to last all that long in the competition.

When the model comes down the runway, Ping couldn’t ignore the fact that her ass was showing, but also that the skirt really looked like a potato sack.

Seth Aaron points out that, while Ping’s Asian esthetic is nice, her lack of construction skills is worrying.

On the runway, Ping starts tearing up in the middle of giving the worst excuse — because that’s what it sounds like…excuses. It’s like she’s pulling stuff out of her ass as she claims she didn’t understand the brief because she actually thought “industry party” meant a farm party.

All the blather about the skin tone and the colour of the burlap — that was completely lost on me. It annoyed me, actually.

Jesus, however, seems to have more problems because, as Tim has put it, he’s “skirted” the challenge by completely covering the burlap…which wasn’t the challenge. It was to use the burlap.

Instead of listening to the wise one, he ignores Tim completely.

The dress didn’t have any burlap showing — and you just knew he’d get sent home as soon as his dress was sent down the runway.

It didn’t matter how well-constructed the dress was — it didn’t fit the brief.

I was completely shocked when Heidi announced he was in, opting to kick Pamela out, even though her dress was far and away better than both Ping’s and Jesus’.

Jay got top marks from the judges — and even a smile from Nina. Guest judge, Lauren Hutton, proclaimed it a success because he managed to make burlap look expensive. Michael even wondered if he cheated because it looked really well done.

He takes the win in the biggest fakeout by Heidi, who tells him he’s in — and just as he’s about to walk off, adds that he also won the challenge.

I agreed with Heidi, who said that, overall, she was very impressed by what came down the runway with this challenge. A lot of the designs were absolutely stellar.

Amy’s design was my favourite because I think she fulfilled the brief the best — she actually made use of the burlap and actually showcased it in a really delightful way.

I really thought she should have won.

~ by justj on January 24, 2010.

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