Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 3 – The Highs and Lows of Fashion

I know this isn’t horribly PC of me, but Ping embarrassed me — being Asian, myself, I always cringe inwardly whenever an Asian person is a complete lunatic.

Jesse, at the beginning of the episode, says that Ping should have gone home and that he’s surprised she wasn’t sent home earlier — and then we cut to a few scenes where we see Ping scrambling, nearly running out of the apartment without her sheos on.

I couldn’t help but laugh a little when Jesse wound up getting stuck with Ping in this season’s first team challenge.

The designers met Tim Gunn at the MET where they were told to create a high-end signature look worthy of a master collection.

They were given $500 — the highest ever given in Project Runway history.

Ping was chosen to be a team leader and Jesse keeps saying to the camera that he really doesn’t want to work with her — which, as everybody knows, is like screaming to the universe: “Please let Ping choose me!”

He says he doesn’t know how he’s going to make it work, which makes me roll my eyes.

Yeah, yeah — life will often hand you a lemon. You’re guaranteed to get at least one lemon in life no matter who the hell you are, so you might as well get it through your thick skull to make it work.

The team challenges are always interesting to watch.

As crazy and scatterbrained as Ping is, I really didn’t care for Jesse’s attitude. I mean, I know what it’s like to work for someone who’s indecisive, doesn’t act like a leader, and who gets crazy stressed out over stupid little non-issues.

If you allow yourself to get all upset and stressed out by people like that, you’ll just drive yourself nuts.

Ping says it’s difficult to work with Jesse because she’s not used to being so structured int he way she works.

She becomes really unsure of herself and waivers, hesitating and allowing herself to become so paralyzed with indecision that she just stands around, doing nothing.

They argue non-step and Emilio says they should just shut up and just get to work.

When Tim arrives in the workroom, he tells them that they’ll have to create a second garment that he has dubbed “look for less” — the twist being that they’ll have to do this look inspired by another team’s design.

What was interesting was watching Mila working — her teammate, Jonathan, says that Mila is the lead and she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

They seem to work well together at first — and I think it’s important for a team lead to act like a team lead. I hate it when so-called “leaders” act like they’re running a democracy ’cause it really just seems like they’re offloading the responsibility and the ability to focus the team.

Soon, however, it becomes apparent that Jonathan is doing the bulk of the work — and what’s interesting is that Mila realizes this and then tries to rationalize it away, acting like having a “vision” is the same thing as doing actual work.

It just made me want to slap her square across the face — hard enough to leave a hand print that would remain on her face for a week.

Jay, last week’s winner, is annoying his teammate, Maya, who observes that Jay doesn’t seem to be working as hard as he should have been because he’s got immunity.

“It makes me frustrated a little bit that he’s resting on his immunity,” she says.

I felt like he was flat out lying when he told Heidi that the fact he had immunity didn’t play any part in the amount of effort he put forward in his outfits.

Okay — maybe not lying, but he was delusional enough to believe he wasn’t slacking.

Seth Aaron and Anthony were another interesting team.

Anthony definitely knows how to craft a soundbite.

When he noted that Seth Aaron definitely didn’t seem used to working with another individual — but because slapping the hell out of him wasn’t an option, Anthony was going to have to find a way to make it work.

When Tim arrives to critique their work, he loves what he sees, and Anthony points out that Seth Aaron had already started work on something that he thought was fine but had abandoned it, Seth Aaron mutters that he didn’t abandon it.

“If it’s on the floor, then it’s abandoned,” Anthony says as Seth Aaron continues to protest.

“Stop acting up in front of company,” Anthony chides Seth Aaron.

The high end signature look that Anthony and Seth Aaron sent down the runway was ugly — it looked like a tent made out of a garbage bag.

When they hit the runway, it was no surprise that Ping and Jesse were at the bottom, but also Seth Aaron and Anthony.

Being in the middle or safe was all that Jesse was aiming for.

When Nina said that the high end garment simply looked like a lot of fabric draped around the outfit.

That sort of embodies Ping’s “look” — and I think it was very valid to say that she doesn’t know how to sew.

Jesse even says stiffly, “I hate to teach sewing lessons to Ping.”

Why oh why was Ping even allowed to compete?

Michael Kors said, “I don’t think anybody designed anything — it’s an ill-fitting, blah dress.”

When things switch over to focus on Seth Aaron and Anthony’s outfits, Michael Kors says, “It’s the Cotillion party from hell — this is so costumey.”

“They’re both really ugly,” Nina Garcia tells them bluntly.

Ping ultimately winds up going home — no surprise there.

The winner of the challenge was Mila — also not a surprise.

The judges loved the fact that her team opted to do separates and couldn’t stop raving about the jacket for it’s exciting and modern look.

~ by justj on January 31, 2010.

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