Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 4 – Design Your Heart Out

When Heidi announces to the designers that they’ll be designing for a group of “very inspirational women” I can’t help but wonder if this is the challenge where they’re supposed to work with plus-sized women or “real women.”

Does that sound harsh? I mean, it’s to be expected that the designers will be asked to work with “real women” at some point, instead of their regular model…and this always leads to moans and groans where the designer freaks out just a little bit.

Tim announces that this week’s challenge is to create a signature dress for the Campbell’s address your heart program — and red must be a prominent colour and the Campbell branding must be on the garment.

The “twist” is that they’re designing for a group of women who have been impacted in some way, shape or form by heart disease.

The women are randomly paired up with the designers and I can’t help but roll my eyes when Jay starts weeping over how inspirational his model is.

I don’t know. It just came across as really insincere — and even if it is sincere, it looked fake.

You see a few of the women and the designers discussing what sort of heart ailments they’ve experienced and a lot of the designers inevitably foudn the experience inspiring.

I know this sounds really harsh, but when Emilio talks about how, it took meeting the new models to give him the change of herat he needed because now, it wasn’t a matter of being so focused on himself. By God, after all that his model had been through, he now realized what was important based on what his model had been through.

I’m sorry, but this episode brought out a bad taste in my mouth ’cause the mere fact that the designers had to use tacky fabric with the Campbell’s logo on it made it seem more like a giant ad for Campbell’s.

And all that stuff about “working with real women” and how “inspired” the designers were — well, it seemed fake, fake, fake and tacky, tacky, tacky.

Seth Aaron’s model was the epitome of tacky.

Inevitably, in every season of Project Runway, you’ll get at least one “real world” model who is way too opinionated and the designer starts going down the wrong road by trying to stick too closely with what the model wants rather than sticking to their true vision and look.

A look around the work room was hilarious ’cause the designers always have opinions about other people’s work.

“It looks like a cheap flag at the Thanksgiving Day parade,” Emilio says of Mila’s gown.

Meanwhile, another designer questions Jesus’ taste factor with a gown that she doesn’t particularly think is glamourous.

The funny thing is, Heidi later questions the taste factor as well.

“This is a fashion emergency of Chernobyl proportions,” Jonathan, meanwhile, tells the camera as we watch designers frantically trying to get things done.

What came down the runway was sort of disappointing. I hated most of what I saw. i just don’t get how so many designers who claimed to be inspired made outfits that were so unflattering to their clients.

I was surprised how the judges liked Mila’s design, because I concurred with Emilio: it looked like a cheap flag.

I cringed at having the models being brought out and having the judges critique the outfits — some of the things said were really harsh and I could see how you wouldn’t be able to help taking it personally.

“Where do I start? You basically took a checklist of anything that could be tacky and put it into one outfit,” Michael Kors tells Jesus.

It wasn’t really surprising that Jesus was finally kicked off for his tacky outfit.

“Taste is something you just can’t learn,” Michael says, enunciating each word.

When Jesus announces his shock over losing the challenge, I can’t help but wonder if he’s crazy and delusional.

Also unsurprising is Amy’s win for an elegant outfit.

~ by justj on February 6, 2010.

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