Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 4 – Run For Cover

I don’t like Mila.

I didn’t like the fact that in the team challenge, she didn’t really do much of anything and focused entirely on a jacket — which she got entirely too much kudos for.

She comes off as especially annoying when she questioned whether the other designers were jealous because they didn’t congratulate her when she came in second on the last challenge.

Honestly, it’s not about jealousy, Mila. It’s because you’re smug and annoying.

Jay opines that Mila comes off as insincere and fake.

True, that.

“Mila as a person doesn’t bother me. What bothers me about Mila the designer is she comes off as cocky when all she does is the same colour blocking,” Emilio says.

True that, too.

What bugs me about Mila is that she overestimates her abilities. That’s the same problem I’ve had with other designers in past seasons of Project Runway.

But anyway…

This week, the designers arrive at the Hirsch Building where Tim introduces them to the editor-in-chief of Maire Claire, Joanna Coles.

Tim dramatically tells them that this is the biggest challenge in all of Project Runway: to create a look that will be worn by a celebrity on the cover of the April edition of Marie Claire.

And — get this: the celebrity will be Ms. Heidi herself.

Okay, yes — it’s a bad-ass challenge.

The editor-in-chief gives them some very constructive advice: detail should be from the top up because that’s what appears on the cover — also, keep in mind the month that the issue is coming out and what colours are going to be in. Also, the fact that there’ll be text on the cover of the magazine.

The mood in the workroom is very quiet and focused — except for Seth Aaron, who complains he’ll fall asleep if it stays so quiet. The other designers all shoot him dagger eyes and privately tell the camera that he’s immature.

He actually reminds me of a guy I work with who’s like a child with ADD. He always needs to have attention and comes off as really annoying.

“Just let your garment do the talking,” Emilio says.

True, that.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of thought process going on in Anthony’s design and Tim is worried because there doesn’t seem to be an “editing eye” there.

Janeanne is another one who, as Tim says, is “spewing out” ideas and in danger of making her outfit look like “clown clothes.”

It almost seems like everyone’s just so crazed by the enormity of the challenge that they’re either paralyzed with indecision or they’re overthinking everything.

Jesse’s design worries me ’cause the colour is so dark and I can’t help but wonder if the detail is even going to show up. (Don’t know why, but the colour looked black on my screen…later, I realized it was actually a green and that it actually looked pretty good on the runway.)

I think Emilio’s right on the mark when he observes that a lot of people didn’t seem to put much thought into the colour palate, choosing colours that would appear washed out and muted on a cover.

While some of the outfits look pretty, Emilio’s right: if the colour looks muted on a cover it’s not going to be eye-catching.

Ben got kudos from Nina and Michael for chosing bold colours that would draw attention to the cover.

“It’s a real contender,” Joanna tells him, saying that she could picture someone with confidence wearing it.

When it came to Anna, she was berated for not really thinking about who would be wearing the otufit and what audience the magazine was geared towards.

“This is not a teen magazine,” Michael tells Anna.

Joanna, however, picks on Janeanne for her “sea inspired” outfit — it reminded her of nothing from the sea unless you were talking about a polluted sea with washed up plastic bottles.

Mila didn’t fare well, either, with an outfit that Michael Kors criticized as looking too much like a weird jog bra with arrows. (I had to laugh at that one and loved how Nina shook her head as she bitingly told her that the outfit simply does not work.)

Emilio’s outfit, surprisingly, gets a makeover on the stage when the judges praised the construction but debated the straps. Without hesitation, he pulled out scissors and cut out the straps.

Heidi pointed out that it had to be redesigned on stage, but Joanna said it was great that the designer was willing to make those changes so quickly.

Out of all the outfits on the runway, my money was on Ben — that was something I could see Heidi in because it was so bold and confident-looking.

However, it was Anthony who pulled the win with such a bold design and colour.

Surprisingly, Janeanne was safe. It was interesting that Heidi mentioned the dress looked too “bridal” because that’s one thing Janeanne fretted over in the workroom.

Ultimately, Anna was sent home for not really taking into account who would be wearing her outfit and who the audience was.


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