Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 6 – A Little Bit Of Fashion

“Being safe or being in the bottom is not an option,” Jesse says at the beginning of this episode — which I actually think is a good attitude to have.

Go big or go home, you know?

You’re here on Project Runway to have your shot at launching yourself into the big time — if you’re going to play it safe, you’re just setting yourself up to eventually fade away until you’re eliminated.

When Heidi announces that this week, the designers are going to have new models, I seriously thought they’d bring in the plus sized models, though I was really tickled to see the little girls who were brought out.

Okay, now this is a challenge that I’m excited by — they’ve never designed for children before! Now here’s a real challenge!

“My. Designer. Is. Ben,” six-year-old Sylvie announces haltingly in what’s probably the most precious moment as all the sweet-faced little girls announce which designers they’d be working with.

“I am scared of children,” Jonathan announces baldly to the camera. What’s funny, though, is when he sits down in the workroom to start sketching, he says he can’t even draw a little girl.

You know, I can’t figure out if I like this guy just yet. He acknowledges that the designers who’ve been winning have been the ones really pushing themselves and getting out of their comfort zones — and reasonably decides that maybe this is what he needs to do as well.

Anthony, meanwhile, offers up his usual colourful soundbites for each challenge and says that he’s used to designing the feminine silhouette and volume, but for this challenge the little girls have “no booties or boobs” so he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

Out of all the designers, though, Emilio seems to be the one who’s on the right track. He says that he’s going to simply design a “pretty little dress” — though, when Amy sees him pulling out pink fabric, she can’t help but wonder if it’s a little too cliche and predictable.

It makes me wonder how the judges will see it — are they really looking for innovation for a child? I mean, if it was my kid, I wouldn’t be thinking so much in putting her in something weird and innovative looking. I mean, c’mon, you don’t want to put your kid in something weird and set them up to get beaten up.

Another designer who’s interesting is Seth Aaron — his outfit looks like something a pre-teen might be interested in wearing.

When Tim enters the workroom and announces that there’s — surprise, surprise — a twist to the challenge in that the designers have to create a companion piece for their regular model that will match the little girls’ outfits.

Some Tim’s bon mots this challenge:
“You are really rocking Halloween here.” (To Janeane.)
“These pants are either going to stop the show or they’re going to be clown clothes.” (To Amy. The clown look seems to be a big worry of Tim’s this season. He’s warned otehr designers of this before.)
“I am profoundly wowed.”

What’s hilarious is when Amy’s little girl model questions whether the model is going to like her outfit.

“Are you ready to join the circus?” she asks.

Jonathan seriously cracked me up in this episode. When his model came in, he said the little girl made him so nervous that he now stank. (This said as he sniffed his armpit.)

“The workroom is a little like Romper Room on crack,” he says in his trademark deadpan voice when the models and the kids came in on the day of the runway show.

“Do y’all have an off-switch?!” Anthony cries.

Some of those kids were total hams on the runway and it was one show that I absolutely loved.

Unsurprisingly, Seth Aaron got high marks.

How could he not with the jacket? As Michael Kors said, it was probably one of the best tailored outfits of the season. The jacket was immaculate.

“A child would be like, ‘Mommy buy that for me!'” Nina said.

He, of course, takes the win.

I was glad that the judges were careful about how they critiqued the losing outfits — I was really worried that they’d be their usual selves and say something would leave one of the kids crying.

Yeah, it’s not about them, but it’s kind of hard not to take it personally when you’re standing up there, listening to criticism.

“She looks like she was caught in a tornado of toilet paper!” Michael Kors tells Jonathan.

Amy’s little girl model actually tried to defend her and sweetly said that she liked the outfit and that she would just trust Amy’s fashion sense — this despite the fact that Michael thought she looked like someone who’d run out of a house on fire, grabbing everything she could.

Janeane’s outfits didn’t fare any better, either.

“To me, it looked like stuff that had been bought on mark-down,” Michael says of Janeane’s outfit.

Ultimately, Janeane is booted out of the competition — which was a given, seeing as she was in the bottom the week before and Amy had previously bagged a win.

~ by justj on February 20, 2010.

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