Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 7 – Hard Wear

“These four will return as…”

“Four,” says Ben, Seth Aaron and Anthony at the same time Jay flubs and says, “Three.”

For that, he gets a swat — but is it foreshadowing?

The designers this week meet Michael Kors and Tim Gunn at Kors’ SoHo store where they’re told to “think outside of the box” by shopping at a hardware store with $150, creating an “unconventional look.”

“It’s important to think of a head-to-toe look,” Kors tells them after Tim announces that they’ll also have to think of creating an accessory.

This isn’t exactly a new challenge on Project Runway — which might explain the shriek of frustration as the designers scramble around the hardware store, trying to find the right materials they need.

“That’s it. Scream for help,” Tim says dryly.

“Who doesn’t know what they’re doing? Me!” Jonathan says as he looks at his materials, causing Amy to laugh.

“I like Jonathan because he’s so damn funny,” Amy tells the camera.

You and me, both, sister.

I can’t say there are any standout designers at this point that I really love — like I can’t even really remember any particular outfit that totally blew me away.

There also doesn’t seem to be any front runner at this point.

I’ve gotta say, though, whoever wins this challenge has my kudos. It’s looking a lot more difficult than I ever remember it being on previous incarnations of this show.

“This is looking so school project,” Tim tells Jesse when he comes in to check on teh designers. “Not even high school or college — like elementary school.”

“Your innovation can be…the introduction of a bottomless dress,” Tim tells Emilio, who doesn’t seem to have enough material for anything beyond a bikini.

A lot of the other designers tease Emilio about his “stripper look” that he’s going for and I have to say, looking at what’s in progress, I’m afraid he’s heading home.

When his model comes in for a fitting, there’s not enough material to even try on.

“This…looks…tortured. It’s not pretty,” Tim tells Anthony, who then goes hog-wild, using “tortured” to describe everybody else’s look. (Which made me laugh.)

When Emilio jokes that this will be a Project Runway first with everybody being on the bottom.

Looking around, I can’t help but think that it might actually happen.

Emilio, who usually does such wonderful, beautiful work, has a completely tasteless-looking bikini because he’s forced to improvise when it turns out he doesn’t have enough material to make any real outfit.

The bikini bottom is being weighed down by washers and it just makes me cringe.

Because there’s so much focus on both Emilio and Jay, I can’t help but wonder if one of them will wind up going home.

Jay creates this pair of pants that’s supposed to look like leather — and while Tim loves the look of it, it turns out the pants don’t fit. The model can barely get into the pants in the first place and she has to be careful or else the pants will tear.

But, when the look comes down the runway, it actually looks the most polished and least tortured out of all the outfits.

With Emilio, it’s clear there’s a divide among the judges as to whether they liked it or not.

Guest judge Isabel Toledo gave Emilio credit for giving his outfit some “thought” which produced some stares of incredulity from the other judges.

“It seems too boring,” Nina declares of Anthony’s outfit, while Michael says it looks very “prom dress-like.”

Meanwhile, Heidi declares that Jesse’s outfit looks like a “dirty vaccum bag.”

Isabel Toledo points out that he doesn’t seem to have any artistery.

Ultimately, that sort of tipped me off that he was going to be sent home.

I mean, in spite of the fact that Emilio’s outfit was tasteless and it was obvious that he struggled with unconventional materials, Nina actually protested that it wasn’t “that bad.”

Meanwhile, Jesse has been a bit of a wallflower, disappearing into the background for most challenges.

Jay’s outfit got high marks from the judges for his outfit as they marveled over how he managed to make garbage bags look like leather pants.

It was unsurprising that he won.

~ by justj on March 6, 2010.

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