Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 8 – The Elements of Fashion

“We’re like the Victoria Secret wonder bra — we lifted each other,” Jay declares, holding up imaginary boobs, to his remaining roommates, Ben, Seth Aaron and Anthony as they discuss the remaining contestants.

As the weeks fly by, we’ll invariably be treated to a montage of, “Oh, the competition’s getting fiercer and fiercer!” confessionals to the camera.

“It’s definitely do-or-die time,” Jonathan says.

“Failure is not an option at this point — so onward and upward!” Anthony says.

It’s so — yawn — predictable. Shouldn’t the competition have been fierce right from the start?

At this point in the game, if you’ve been flying under the radar and haven’t bagged a challenge yet, then you know that it’s just a matter of time before you go — because tat this stage, the repeat winners have all but guaranteed themselves a spot in the final three.

One designer I’d love to see more of is Ben. He’s so low-key and totally in the background that you often forget he’s even there — and I know he’s capable of good work. That Marie Claire challenge — I thought he should have won it.

More shots of him than usual makes me wonder, “Is he going home? Is this one of those predictable things that reality shows do where they focus on the person who’s going home?”

This week, the designers meet Tim on the rooftop of Atlas, where he tells them that they’re to create an outfit based on one of the four elements.

When Tim turns it over to Phillip Carreon, celebrity stylist for Garnier, he sounds exactly like someone out of a Garnier commercial. He sounds so rehearsed. Who talks like that?

This guy seems totally irrelevant. The whole product placement thing is just annoying because the makeup and hair is so secondary to the outfit.

The outfits this week sound interesting in theory.

Seth Aaron has pulled “air” so he’s decided to make an outfit that resembles the city night air. It’s pretty neat, actually.

Jonathan also pulled “air” and he’s cutting layers that’ll peek through at different angles. His explanation was intriguing and deep, but I can’t even begin to capture it now because I’ve forgotten it.

Something about laughter?

Ben chose “water” but he’s opting to do a suit because he’s thinking sharks — which is interesting, but the fact that he’s never done pants before makes me nervous and makes me suspect he’s about to be sent home. (Especially when he says he doesn’t even have enough fabric to start over if he wanted to.)

Jonathan looks around the room and observes that a lot of the designers have taken great liberties with the elements they’ve chosen.

Take Anthony, for example — he chose “fire” but his outfit it full of greys and blacks because he’s thinking more in terms of the ash and smoke.

“Being safe is a big old question mark,” Jonathan says, wondering what it is that the judges are waiting to see from him in order for him to win.

He points out that the one week he decided he wanted to be innovative and take a risky to vault himself out of the “safe” zone and into the winner’s circle, he wound up in the bottom two.

I really don’t get why the designers seem to be in a panic over this challenge. It’s not like last week’s challenge where they had to work with hardware store items. They’re using actual fabric this time around!

“Is anyone else as worried as I am?” Tim asks when he enters the workroom and everybody’s still sewing down to the very last minute.

Amy’s outfit looks like a huge disaster — she’s created this weird ass bowl around the chest and filled it with fake hair.

When Anthony says it looks like her model needs Nair in her pits, I can’t help but laugh.

When the model came down the runway, it looked like the top was going to come crashing down under the weight of all that hair.

“She looks like a barmaid serving hair,” Michael Kors tells her.

“It looks like a cat in a baby’s sling,” Heidi points out.

“It’s like she’s growing hair out of her chest,” Nina says. “I’m not impressed. Sorry.”

Ben doesn’t fare any better.

“All I can think about is, if you don’t make a suit, don’t make a suit,” Heidi tells Ben.

“C’mon Ben. A jock-strap pant?” Michael asks.

Jonathan, however, fares better.

“I love the fact that you played up the model’s skin tone,” Nina says.

“I love the textile,” Michael tells him.

When the model is asked what she thinks (a first, I think), she says that she loved that Jonathan took her skin tone into consideration. (Did he really, though? I don’t recall him saying anything about that.)

I thought it was a real toss-up between Jonathan and Maya taking the win.

While Maya’s outfit really did embody the concept of water, both Michael and Nina think that Maya still hasn’t discovered who she is as a designer yet.

I was really stoked to see Jonathan win because I think he really deserved it.

I really thought Amy should have been sent home instead of Ben — like, I understand that Ben’s suit was ill-fitted and didn’t look great, but Amy’s outfit was even worse.

When Ben was kicked out, I felt really bummed out for him — he looked so lost standing up there. When he started crying backstage, I agreed with Tim when he declared he felt sick about having to send him back to the workroom to clean up his work space.

I can’t help but feel for the guy. I think he was capable of so much more, but he just didn’t get a chance to show it.

~ by justj on March 13, 2010.

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