Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 9 – Taking It To The Streets

The opening of this season’s Project Runway is ridiculous. I wonder if any of the designers watch it and cringe over their forced attempts at cutesy frivolity.

Never noticed this before, but when Heidi announces that “This is Project Runway”, Jonathan’s standing in the background, doing this awkward pose, placing his hand on his thigh like one leg is shorter than the other and he’s shifting his weight because his hip’s killing him.

This week, Heidi tells the designers, “We want you to get into a New York state of mind.”

God. Remember last season when they took it out to LA? That season royally sucked and was boring beyond belief — and a royal bitch won! (Though, I can’t really say that any of the other designers in the finale were particularly great…hell, I don’t even really remember who they were.)

The challenge, Tim Gunn tells them, is to create a look inspired by a distinct New York neighborhood.

Working in teams, they have to create two outfits — one for day, one for night.

“Please God Almighty, don’t let me stuck with Mila,” Emilio says — which I thought meant all but guaranteed he was going to be paired up with her.

But…surprise, surprise. He’s chosen as a team leader and he quickly chose Seth Aaron.

He decides this is a win-win situation because the last two people to be paired up are Jay and Mila and apparently the two can’t stand each other.

Really? I never got that…though, I suppose if you never show people talking to each other, they probably weren’t talking to each other in real life.

“Great! The guy I never talk to and the guy that I don’t really like — he and I have to work together now,” Mila says.

“I can’t breathe!” Jay declares dramatically. Later, he says, “I just have to get over the fact that I don’t like her.”

True, that — that’s what you have to do in real life. I mean, most of us don’t get a chance to choose who we work with — why do you think most of us actually relate to the insanity that goes on in The Office?

Anthony and Maya seem like an interesting pair — mostly because Maya has always been in the background for me. She’s like that intense Goth girl who looks edgy, but doesn’t really bring much of a real presence to the table.

She’s shown critiquing everything and giving Anthony, the team leader, loads of unsolicitied advice like she’s the one who knows all about taste and design.

Anthony, I’ll admit, has always come across as this country bumpkin that I figured would be kicked off earlier on in the competition — but you know what? He’s done good enough work to have won a challenge at the very least, so he’s not someone to dismiss.

The neighborhood they chose was Chinatown, but I don’t see an Asian influence in either of their garments.

With Amy and Jonathan, Tim asks them if they’re in the danger of “over-designing” by reminding them that they’re not being judged on how much work they’ve put into the garment but, rather, how good the garment actually looks.

They’re shown working down to the very last minute and it still seems like there’s loads of work left to be done.

They’re not the only ones.

Jay and Mila, the one team everybody else looks at as the “problem team” also seem to have time issues. Jay doesn’t seem to have a whole lot done, but for the most part, you don’t really see any of the tension that everybody claims to be witnessing.

Unsurprisingly, they’re in the bottom, as are Jonathan and Amy.

But first, the top scores belong to Emilio and Seth Aaron as well as Maya and Anthony.

The more I see Seth Aaron’s work, the more impressed I am with his work. I mean, Nina may think that he goes crazy with his detailing, but I think it works for his outfits.

Nina liked the subtle detailing of both Anthony and Maya’s work, opting not to go for the “obvious” Asian elements (i.e. going with red and gold).

Anthony was all class when asked about what it was like to work with Maya and that just made me like him a lot more.

That’s just how you should behave when working with someone else.

The winner, in the end, was both Emilio and Seth Aaron — and it surprised me when they announced Emilio’s name first, considering Nina felt Emilio was capable of more.

The dress was good, but it wasn’t great. I thought Seth Aaron’s outfit, quite frankly, was better.

When asked how they enjoyed working with each other, Jay paused before giving a diplomatic answer, but Mila, who garnered top scores for her outfit, remained purse-lipped and a little too snotty.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Amy’s outfits were panned.

Despite the fact that Jay’s outfit was criticized for being ill-fitting and unsuccessful, I knew he wasn’t going to be sent home because he’d won several challenges in the past whereas Amy has been in the bottom for creating bizarre outfits.

“It’s quite ugly,” Heidi tells Amy when she observes her day outfit.

It was meant to be a shirt dress, but the colour just didn’t work and looked awful.

You could pretty mcuh see the writing on the wall and it wasn’t surprising when she was ultimately sent home.

~ by justj on March 20, 2010.

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