Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 10 – Hey, That’s My Fabric

Oooh. Now this is interesting: this week, the designers are introduced to designer Vivienne Tam and told that this week, they’re going to create their own textile to serve as the core for their outfit this week.

As interesting as this premise is, when Tam starts speaking woodenly about how this is a challenge where technology meets design, you know it’s nothing more than a giant ad for HP Touch Smart Notebooks and technology…which, I have to admit, looks pretty cool when you see the designers starting to work.

“I want one of these at home!” Emilio cries enthusiastically.

Me, too.

(No, seriously. Me, too. I’m not a designer, but I want one of those damn things. Who wouldn’t want to use their finger to paint directly onto the monitor?)

Some of the fabric designs look seriously cheeseball and uninteresting. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me but the whole graffiti look and Emilio’s use of his initials — totally unsophisticated and a bit like an elementary school kid’s clumsy finger painting project.

Seriously, Emilio. I expected more.

Mila’s another one who looked like she did a clumsy fingerpaint project. They’re just streaks of colour that just leave me with a lip curl of disgust and my head tilted in confusion.

You’re given a challenge where you can be as creative as you want and that’s what you decide to do?

“I think when we were children we played with Legos, but I don’t want to wear them,” Anthony says of Mila’s design.

What’s rich is when Mila opines that Emilio’s print is one of the worst in the room.

Yeah — his and your’s, Mila.

When Tim arrives in the workroom, you can tell he’s not a fan of Emilio’s design.

He sees the initials being, “Seth Aaron and Emilio Sosa” — which makes me laugh. Tim has a point, though, Emilio is frustrated over how nobody else can see what he intended.

Emilio is all pissed off when Tim “mocks” his outfit.

“I’m not listening to Tim whether he likes it or not,” Emilio says decisively.

They should have a death knell go off whenever a designer dares to go against the good taste and judgment of Tim Gunn.

That noise should be the viewer’s clue that this particular designer is going home.

Heidi, however, is in love with the whole outfit — and Michael agrees, saying, “You nailed it.”

I was a little disappointed because whenever a designer acts like a bloated jackass, thinking he’s better than he really is, I always want the Universe to deliver a giant bitch slap to knock the person back down on their ass.

Tim was spot on when he wrote in his blog, “Emilio’s win left me questioning the critical objectivity of the judges. Let’s begin with the print. I was underwhelmed by the scale, color and hand-drawn execution; it looked sloppy and childlike. There was no semblance of sophistication. Furthermore, I was extremely put off by the narcissism demonstrated by the use of his initials (though I had no idea that that’s what the script was until he told me), at least at this stage in his career. Gucci? OK. Louis Vuitton? Fine. But Emilio Sosa? Not yet.”

When Emilio won, I wanted to scream. Like, the dress was so…plain. What are the judges drinking — crazy juice?!

I thought Seth Aaron or Maya should have won.

Speaking of knocking people off their high horses, at least Mila doesn’t fare well.

“It’s like a Mexican gay flag,” Michael tells Mila.

“This is not much of a print,” Nina tells her.

Jonathan, however, also gets low marks — and you just know he’s going home because at least Mila has won a couple of challenges.

His print is described by Kors as “a dirty table cloth” which really hurts Jonathan’s feelings.

You know, I thought Kors took it too far when he mocked Jonathan for helping his model back into her jacket and there was uproarious laughter from both Heidi and Michael as he described the jacket as a strait jacket.

There’s mean, and then there’s mean — it made me think less of him because it was a very ugly side of him.

Shame on you, Michael.

At least Nina had the grace to purse her lips and not join in with the laughter. You could tell she thought it was…beneath her.

I was beyond shocked when Anthony was the one sent packing — I didn’t think his outfit was that horrible. I mean, yes, it was another cocktail dress and there were mistakes, but the whole point of this challenge was to create a print and when you come right down to it, the print that both Jonathan and Mila created was horrible and ugly. Their outfits were unflattering…and yet they were allowed to stay!

Again, what were the judges drinking? Insanity juice?

~ by justj on March 27, 2010.

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