Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 11 – Sew Much Pressure

The problem I have with this challenge is that it’s sort of a crock of shit.

They’re told that they’ll be designing a red-carpet look for a celebrity who has a reputation for being “difficult” and then they’re met by Heidi.

No offense to Heidi, but I was expecting a real celebrity — like a real movie star in the vein of Kate Winslet or Julia Roberts or Halle Berry…but that’s too much to hope for, right? They probably don’t even watch shows like this. (That being said, Kate Winslet apparently watches “Top Chef” and has requested to appear on that…so stranger things have happened, right?)

In the workroom, the one thing the cameras keep flashing to is Maya’s empty work space — and it turns out that she’s gone to talk to Tim and has decided to drop out of the competition because she didn’t feel like she was at that point, yet, where she was fully developped as a designer yet.

We flash to a previous challenge where the judges tell her that she’s always drawing inspiration from other designers.

She tells Tim that she just feels as though, having come straight out from school, she wasn’t at that point in her life where she feels like she’s ready for this.

“That’s a cop out,” Emilio says. “Don’t quit. Quitters never win.”

He says it would have been better to be kicked out based on a dress that she put all of her heart into.

Um, okay.

Seth Aaron disagrees and says that nobody’s in a position to judge because the competition is intense — the amount of time and work spent on each challenge is intense.

And just like that, Maya is gone.

But…the twists aren’t gone, yet.

Tim announces that they’d fully expected to have six designers compete in this challenge and so…they’re bringing a designer back.

Cue the intense music!

Oh no! Who could it be?!

The most logical answer is Anthony — of course it’d be Anthony, ’cause he was the last one to be kicked off.

“I’m going to be the ambassador of second chances!” he declares, adding that the one person he wants to impress is himself.

But wait…more drama is about to unfold!

Tim asks Seth Aaron if he could come out and speak to him.

Turns out that right after Seth Aaron declares that fit is of utmost importance, it turns out that his regular model has been offered another job that she’s taken — so now, he has to work with a new model and that means adjustments to his outfit.

Jay’s another designer who might need to adjust his outfit because when he points otu that there’ll be a little space that shows the area between the breasts.

“What space?” Heidi asks, showing Jay that the boobs meet perfectly.

Also facing an overhaul is Jonathan, who is told that his outfit isn’t working. The poor guy winds up re-working the outfit three times.

My gut tells me that it’s probably Jonathan’s time to go home even though he thinks that his design is so different from what he usually makes that the judges will probably love it.

That’s sort of warped thinking.

Some of the designers manage to hit the right notes.

Anthony is told that his dress is elegant and great and stunning, but I personally thought it was just okay.

Michael tells Emilio that his design is impeccable.

Both Emilio and Anthony are deemed co-winners. Jessica Alba, the guest judge, is quite taken with Anthony’s gown and says she’d love to wear it.

Talk about a win for Anthony — he’s booted off, brought back, and then he wins a challenge where Jessica Alba is going to wear his outfit on the red carpet.

The other designers don’t fare well.

“This would be the girl who carried the statue when you won but not the winner,” Michael Kors tells Seth Aaron.

There was no sense of surprise, the judges complain.

“I feel like it’s not a show stopper,” Heidi tells Mila.

“It looked like something the Housewives of New Jersey would wear!” Nina cries incredulously.

“There isn’t a woman on the planet who’ll say she wants to have a fat butt or wide hips,” Michael Kors tells Jay.

But, ultimately, Jay is allowed to stay.

Jonathan, unsurprisingly, is kicked out — it was simply his time to go.

“It might be just a little too short,” Jessica Alba tells Jonathan, saying that you could almost see the model’s butt.

They also weren’t crazy about the colour scheme.

All of his outfits failed to hit the right note with the judges, so it’s not a surprise that he’s gone.


~ by justj on April 3, 2010.

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