Project Runway Season 7 – Episode 12 – The Big, Top Designers

They brought Anthony back last week only to cut him loose again this week — but seriously, did anybody really see him making it all the way to the final three?

Emilio, yes. Seth Aaron, yes. And as for the third? Now that it’s between Jay and Mila to duke it out for the final spot in the finale, I really think Jay deserves it more than Mila — simply because if he managed to make garbage bags look like leather, then he’s obviously really gifted…and who can forget that “design” that Mila constructed in one of the previous challenges? As Michael Kors put it, it looked like a gay Mexican flag.

The challenge before the finale was to draw inspiration from the circus to create a high-end look.

As Tim Gunn put it in his blog: “I remind them that it’s very easy to create a costume inspired by the circus, but it’s relatively difficult to create one that embraces fashion.”

Anthony is out — his grayish blue full-length gown was matronly and lacklustre.

When you compare Anthony’s outfit to what the other designers managed to create, you’re hard pressed to find anything whimsical or inspirational in this dress. I find it hard to believe that he went to the circus and this was the best he could come up with.

Emilio and Seth Aaron, however, both secure spots in the finale.

I’m a little tired with the Emilio love-fest and agreed with Tim, who thought that, given all the colour from the circus, it would have made more sense to incorporate that more rather than coming up with a sombre black-and-white number with a touch of cranberry.

Seth Aaron on the other hand, creates what Tim calls “a whimsical look that could have stepped out of a Tim Burton film.”

Even though I’m not sure I’d have the guts or fashion daring to ever wear anything by Seth Aaron, I can appreciate that he’s got an edgy, defined look that makes a statement…whereas Emilio has always seemed to underwhelm me.

With both Emilio and Seth Aaron advanced into the finale, we’re left with Jay and Mila, who are instructed to create collections, but only one will be allowed to show at Fashion Week.

Jay’s design — which seemed to make the model look huge. I mean, yes, I know that he’s mentioned that he seems to like big butts on women, but seriously, Jay, do you not realize just how much women hate it when they put on an unflattering outfit that makes them look bigger than they are?

Mila’s design

~ by justj on April 10, 2010.

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