Project Runway Season 7 – Finale

I know. I know.

In the real world, horrible nasty people often do rise to the top — whether deservedly or not — and I’ve come to firmly believe that karma is merely something that wishful thinkers such as myself believe in.

We’ve seen, time and time again, arrogant drama queens take the top prize on Project Runway (or sometimes, the bland and boring), but I’m glad that this time around, Emilio didn’t wind up walking away as the Season 7 Winner.

Nope. That honor went to Seth Aaron.

Tim Gunn wrote this in his blog:

The looks in his collection demonstrated an unwavering point of view, spoke to qualities of innovation and embraced risk-taking.

That pretty much sums up what I’ve felt about Seth Aaron’s designs from the start.

With a 10-piece collection that was inspired by a 1940s German and Russian military look, Seth Aaron told the audience, “My girls are strong and they are going to kick ass.”

It wasn’t really a surprise that Mila was kicked off first — the judges weren’t all that certain about her to begin with, so when she was turfed, all you could really do is just shrug and go, “Eh.”

The black and white palate was just…so boring! I mean, haven’t we seen these same looks all friggin’ season?!

With Mila eliminated, we’re down to the final two and when Heidi hands down the win, you’re presented with Seth Aaron staring in shock while Emilio’s arrogance crumbles under the weight of disbelief before he disappears backstage, where he sobs.

It was the satisfying slap in the face that I wanted the judges to deliver to Emilio all season.

Ultimately, the judges felt that Emilio’s work was too commercial. You know…like something you’d see at Sears.

“It’s as if he produced a line, not a collection,” Michael Kors says.

More interesting was the 30 minute reunion where Jay’s bitchy side was displayed in all of its ugly splendor.

Dude, seriously, you do not say on national TV that you wouldn’t hire a model with bad teeth and thick legs — it’s just going to make people hate you even more and think you’re nothing but a sour-faced loser.

~ by justj on April 24, 2010.

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