Project Runway Season 8 – Episode 6 – You Can Totally Wear It Again

Are you surprised? I’m not coming at this episode several days late.

C’mon — you had to admit, after Tim’s verbal slap at Gretchen, you were wondering what the hell was going to hapen next.

The episode opens up with the designers dissectin what went down on the runway and the general consensus seems to be that, if Michael C. hadn’t had immunity, he should have been sent home.

Interestingly, Project Runway alumn, Nick Verreos, questions the Michael C. hating in his blog.

“What the heck is going on with all the Michael C. hating?” he asks. “It’s not like he’s being a Santino Rice or a Wendy Pepper or he’s going into the workroom, arms outstretched with an “In Your Face” attitude. I just don’t get it. Michael C. seems like a nice guy. I can only blame it on a “hyper clique mentality” where they all start believing one person who starts saying stuff.”

I’m gonna go ahead and point fingers right now and say the culprit is Ivy.

And sure enough, we get a scene of the High Priestess of Judgmental Bitches declaring to Valerie that Michael C. is going to go home today. Fo sho.

Again, I’m going to head over to a Project Runway alumn here for her take on things — mostly because I think she put it pretty brilliantly.

Laura Bennett’s she astutely says in her blog,”I want Ivy to stop deciding the fate of her fellow designers and produce a decent garment. The reality is that Gretchen has won two challenges, and Michael C. has won one (about to be two) and Ivy has given us nothing but capri pants and maxi vests.”


But, ‘fess up, peeps. You’re also thinking the same thing.

Ivy, the gossip whore, asks Gretchen if she wants to chit chat with her and Valerie about what Tim said about her — but Gretchen wants no part of it.

She’s a teensy bit hurt by Tim’s words — which Ivy thinks is a good thing because she thinks this is the smack down to reality that Gretchen needs.

Oh, pot — I wish you could experience the same thing as kettle.

This week’s challenge is the first “non-model” challenge where a slew of women in hideous bridesmaids’ gowns are trotted down the runway.

Their challenge is to reinvent the bridesmaid gown into something wearable.

Again, I’m going to defer to Laura Bennett here, who has a good point in her blog when she writes: “I am just saying — no, begging — the producers to assign the women to the designers and save us all from having to watch this embarrassing process. Models are accustomed to being rejected. It’s their job. These women have been kind enough to participate and should be treated better.”

What’s worse of all is when Heidi turns to the two of the heavier women and asks, “Why are you two the last?”

Oh, come on, Heidi. You can’t seriously be so stupid as to not know.

In the workroom, we see the designers chatting with their clients and there are red flags when April’s client starts laying down the law on what she likes and doesn’t like.

April notes that it’s her ass on the line and wisely puts her foot down.

Ivy’s client, also, wants to show off her shoulders, her back, and her upper torso.

“Make her a thong and call it a day,” Tim tells Ivy.

Yes, you have to please the client, but you also have to keep in mind that you could potentially be sent home for committing to something you can’t stand behind.

Speaking of which, Gretchen (as well all know) didn’t completely stand behind her work last week — in fact, she flip flopped on her assessment of what was created when the judges continually voiced disappointment.

Of course, that’s at the forefront of everybody’s minds and when Tim walks into the workroom to see how everybody’s progressing, the tension is palpable.

But you know what? Tim’s nothing if not classy and professional.

He said his piece and he’s not going to apologize for it or harp on it.

I’m glad that it didn’t devolve into a tired movie-of-the-week where people break down sobbing and they hug it out.

Just fucking get over it and move on.

“A scar can turn into an open wound if you don’t let it heal,” Gretchen wisely notes.

Tim throws them a curveball by telling them the next day isn’t a runway show, but a designer showcase where guests are going to vote on their favourite outfit, which will factor into the judges’ final decision.

Guests give the designers a button if they think their’s is the best out of all the designs in the room.

Mondo’ dress was a fan favourite — the guy was a genius. He flipped the material inside out and transformed a pink gown into a really chic, mod-looking dress.

Meanwhile, Ivy is furious because she’s heard rumours from the guests that Michael C. has been telling them that she’s the bitch of the show.

“I know! I heard the same thing!” Valerie cries.

You know, I sort of liked Valerie at first, but her allegiance to the coven is beginning to wear thin with me.

We get a shot of Ivy’s sad looking fish bowl where she’s only managed to get three buttons.

“Whatever! My work speaks for itself!” she cries, sounding distinctly like sour grapes.

She then says that it was “catty” — again, I want to say, “Pot, meet kettle.”

Michael C. says he didn’t do what Ivy is charging — he actually comes across as a really classy guy when he says that he can be bitchy if he wants to, but he wouldn’t do something like that because he knows how hard everybody is working on their designs.

Ivy claims she’s going to take the high road and not lower herself into the gutter by talking to Michael C. about her allegations.

Uh huh. Right.

Does anybody seriously equate Ivy with high road? (Or class, for that matter?)

When Michael C. approaches her and even offers up proof, she chooses to disregard all of this, claiming she was seen his true character and chooses not to associate with him.


I just feel embarrassed because she’s Asian. I hate it when Asians act so vulgar.

I’m a little disappointed that she’s safe — but then again, she’s never done anything outstanding.

Everybody, of course, suspects Michael C. is in the bottom.

Gretchen rolls her eyes and is dismissive when she lists all of the fashion don’ts that Michael C. has committed to the outfit.

The judges disagree with Gretchen’s assessment.

“You gave her a cocktail dress that looks very expensive,” Michael Kors tells him.

“I love the mix of the satin and the lace and detail of the velvet bow,” Nina adds, knocking apart Gretchen’s belief that he was throwing too many ideas and things into one.

I thought Mondo would take the win because he got the most votes and the judges were universally complimentary.

Unfortunately, I think they wound up awarding Michael C. the win for the wrong reasons — provoking watercooler talk for their decision.

They didn’t like the fact last week, the designers all threw Michael C. under the bus — and maybe that’s why they felt it was okay to pronounce him the winner.

Don’t get me wrong: I liked his outfit, but I thought the lace top was a bit…much.

I hated how the other designers were sour-faced and completely ungracious about his win. Most of them slammed him behind his back, acting super critical of his skills and just behaving like a group of sucks.

As human beings, they disgust me.


Peach, unsurprisingly, is booted out of the competition.

“The avocado dinner napkins tucked in at her hips are doing anything for you,” Michael Kors says. “Those hip pieces are crazy…I mean, she’s got an avocado goiter!”


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