Project Runway Season 8 – Episode 7 – What’s Mine Is Your’s

Laura Bennet is mean — I actually totally love that about her.

Have you read her blog on Project Runway’s official site?

It’s fabulous.

Here’s her description of the latest challenge:

Heidi is too busy trying to figure out how to belt satin harem fatigues to give the designers a new challenge, so she sends them to Tim, who passes off the job to Michael Kors. Looking bloated and farty, Michael tells the designers that they are to design a resort-wear outfit that expresses their point of view. In order to help them feel the resortness of it all, each designer gets a pair of Michael Kors rip-off Ray-Bans. It seems to work for everyone but Mondo, who thinks his underwear is resort wear. Personally, I think Mondo’s idea of resort wear is pretty much on target, because I would bet that .003 percent of the population actually either a.) spends any time at a resort or b.) shops for it from a special collection, because piling your kids in a minivan and heading for the Jersey shore requires no special wardrobe.

To me, that’s just fabulous writing.

Interesting side note: a number of bloggers have mentioned how the people in Project Runway world have overused the words: throw someone under the bus.

I guess I’ve somehow absorbed that, too, because I found myself uttering the words, “Well, it’s not like I want to throw him under the bus or anything…” yesterday while at lunch with my new boss.

Hmm…must strike that phrase from my vocabulary immediately.

Can I say how much I love Casanova?

As soon as he sees Michael Kors, he expresses his concern and fright — because Michael Kors had been rude to him in the past.

Honey, Michael Kors is rude to almost everyone on the runway. He’s just a bitch that way.

(Which is why I loved Laura Bennett describing him as looking bloated and farty.)

So, the challenge is resort wear.

Ho hum.

“This challenge is very Michael Kors,” Casanova says. Beat of silence and then, “This is not my challenge.”

Of course, there’s a twist.

Tim shows up with a velvet bag and asks the designers to gather around, he announces that each designer will be wearing two hats — they’ll be put into teams of two. They’ll have to design and then have to execute their partner’s design work.


Tim points out that successful designers don’t construct their own work.

Poor Casanova is paired up with holier-than-thou Gretchen who is overly concerned with his grasp of English and tries to remedy their language barrier problem by drawing large sketches.

Casanova points out there’s nothing wrong with his eyes.

He was adorable when he told the camera in genuine disbelief: “Oh my God. She believe that I’m a retard!”

When he stared at his raised hands, it was a bit over-the-top, but I howled.

Mondo is unhappy with the fact that he’s been paired with Michael C. — he even flat out tells the guy to his face that his construction skills suck…which is something I can respect, at least. He had the balls to tell the guy to his face what he thinks instead of bitching behind his back.

It was just sweet when he got to know Michael C. and realized that he was a good guy.

“Michael Costello has caught me off guard,” he says. “I was such a jerk at the beginning.”

How sweet.

Not so sweet is Ivy.

Actually, she’s downright sour

You know who she reminds me of in this picture?

That bratty kid, Maddy, on Kate Plus Eight, who’s always having a meltdown about something or another.

I felt for Michael D. He had to work with the ever-heinous Ivy, who hovered and nagged and bitched and whined.

The poor guy was understandably stressed.

“I could feel her crazy!” he said.

Ivy, take note: going on Project Runway probably wasn’t the best move to make, because now you’ve exposed yourself as an untalented hack who’s a giant cunt, to boot.


Enough with the team challenges already!!

Interesting note for this challenge: Kristen Bell is the guest judge.

I don’t really consider her a fashion icon of any sort, but I guess it’s fun to have Veronica Mars in the house!

April takes the win?

Seriously?! How is this:

better than Andy’s design?

The judges must all be suffering from glaucoma or something.

When Project Runway alumn, Nick Verreos, wrote, “Casanova’s resort: a retirement home” I busted out laughing…but trust me, I wasn’t laughing when the judges showed they were clearly drinking the Crazy Kool-Aid by sending Casanova home over the grossly untalented and hugely cuntish Ivy.

But…again…I have to ask: How is this, Ivy’s design…

better than Casanova’s design?

I know it makes for good TV, but seriously, at least Casanova was entertaining and funny at the least, whereas Ivy is so grating. That shit just gets tiring after awhile…and again, it makes you wonder, when the judges show such poor judgment time and time again, you can’t help but wonder if it’s time to do a revamp of the judging panel just like in American Idol.


~ by justj on September 10, 2010.

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