Project Catwalk

Project Catwalk – Season 1

Tears For Matthew
Ben De Lisi Rocks

Project Catwalk – Season 2

“We’re Here To Judge The Outfits, Not The Models”
“Yeah, Well, I’ve Actually Made It In This Business”
“I Hate Every Single Thing About It!”
“She Looks Like She’s Come Out Of A Cheap Council Estate”

Project Catwalk – Season 3

Episode 1 – Inovation
Episode 2 – Redesigning Nancy
Episode 3 – Mac Daddy!
Episode 4 – Fireworks With Firetrap
Episode 5 – Fashion Future
Episode 6 – Fashion Targets Breast Cancer
Episode 7 – Show Stopper Outfit
Episode 8 – Cabin Crew Makeover
Episode 9 – The Final Challenge
Episode 10 – Finale


3 Responses to “Project Catwalk”

  1. why has project catwailk been cancelled, i love fashion and really enjoyed that fact that you were showing talent from great britain.

  2. Has it been cancelled? I don’t think so. I would like to know how to contact the production team. I have a great project in London for the designers to design for. Any one got a url or email for a contact person?

    • Yes, I believe Project Catwalk has been cancelled — I’m not affiliated with the show in any way, so unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to help you contact the production team.

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