Project Runway Canada

Project Runway Canada – Season One
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Episode 1 – Clothes Off Their Backs
Episode 2 – When It Rains, It Pours
Episode 3 – Passion For Fashion
Episode 4 – Thrill of the Hunt
Episode 5 – Dressing the Diva
Episode 6 – Opposites Attract
Episode 7 – Keep A Child Alive
Episode 8 – Splash From The Past
Episode 9 – Resort Wear Galore
Episode 10 – Listen To Iman
Episode 11 – Finale


2 Responses to “Project Runway Canada”

  1. how can i apply for the next time project runway in canada?let me know,thank you.

    • Hi there —
      Sorry for the slow response.

      I know that, when Project Runway Canada’s first season ended, they started promoting applications for the second season. I’m assuming they’ll do the same once Project Runway Canada Season 2 ends — so please keep a close eye on their site on Global TV, which is where they’ll be airing the second season (the first run of the episodes, anyway — they’ll do repeats on Slice Network).

      You can check the site out here:

      Hope this helps — and good luck!

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